Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 22 Mar 2019 Episode Samar/Silky takes Jaya’s hand in his hand to use mehandi. Jaya appears at his hand and does not pick out him though. Samar relaxes thinking his makeup saved him. Satya apologizes Vicky for doubting him and says she is surrounded via betrayers, so she doubted even him. Vicky jokes along with her and thinks Samar and Jaya love each other, then it’s far his responsibility to reunite them. Samar/Silky applying mehandi on Jaya’s hand asks what is her ex-husband’s call. Jaya says Samar. Silky says it is obvious Samar is arrogant and difficult like his name summer and asks what’s her destiny husband’s name. Jaya says Dhruv. Silky says she drew Samar’s S on her hand by way of mistake. Dhruv calls her. Silky choices call and says she is Silky from Silky splendor parlor. Dhruv asks switch on speaker and he does. Jays informs him that Samar has challenged to kidnap her. Dhruv says how can he. a person shouts he came. Dhruv nervously asks if Samar got here. someone says musicians came. Dhruv asks Jaya to get prepared quickly. Silky does Jaya’s makeup.

Shikha takes Karthik aside and asks what’s Samar’s plan and why did no longer he inform her. Karthik says he does no longer recognise. Shikha argues with him. Kabeer gets involved seeing them arguing and taking walks to Satya asks her whilst she promised now not to separate his parents if he does not screen mystery, then why his parents are preventing. Satya walks with him. Vicky listening to their verbal exchange thinks he ought to discover what is the secret. In room, Karthik says he sincerely does no longer realize what’s Samar’s plan. Satya walks in and says he is supporting Samar, then she will be able to no longer spare him. Karthik takes Kabeer’s oath that he does no longer know about Samar’s plan.

Satya returns to Vicky and stands near door. Vicky says she ought to be cautious as Samar may also input disguised and asks her to ship Silky away if her task is achieved. Satya walks to Silky and says she may also depart now. Silky says she will now not leave until Jaya’s wedding ceremony completes as someone may additionally ruin her make-up and he or she will be needed again. Dhruv with Nimmi Daadi and family enters. Satya’s family greets them. Nimmi daadi asks Jaya to reveal how Dhruv’s call seems on her mehandi fingers. Jaya gets anxious thinking she has S on her hand. Naani says no one can see Jaya’s hand until rituals are complete.

Sangeet rite starts. They play a sport wherein they pass on fabric and whoever it falls on have to sing and dance. material stops at Vicky and Satya. They each dance on Taki Re taki, jab se tu aankh me jhanki…song…. Nani and Nimmo dance next. Dhruv and Jaya’s flip comes subsequent and that they each dance on Tu Jo Jaya and Samar reminisce dancing at the same track and sense unhappy.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi episode update: Vicky asks Silky what’s Samar’s plan. Silky holds Jaya’s hand and runs out announcing Samar will run with Jaya like this. Satya reveals Silky’s wig outside and shouts Samar…..


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