Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 23 Apr episode Jaya hears Vicky confessing in front of Samar that he loves Samar’s mother-in-law/MIL and wants to marry her. He keeps that similar to Jaya is Samar’s first love, Satya is his past love. Samar tries to sign Vicky, however he maintains and sooner or later sees Jaya. Jaya walks away amazed. Samar says Vicky that he attempted to signal him time and again, however he did not recognize and says no longer to trouble about Satya calling him bhai saheb/brother and runs away calling him bhai saheb. In Satya’s room, she feels guilty for irking Vicky and thinks she went overboard. Rama walks in and asks why she appears tensed. Satya explains her entire tale. Rama says Vicky bhai saheb is colorful and she or he knows how to calm him down. Satya asks how. Rama says amras/mango juice.

Samar returns to his room. Jaya lashes him with stick and says she just deliberate to get mamma remarried and he already constant Vicky chachu for mamma. Samar asks what is inaccurate in it, sasuma/MIL is Vicky chachu’s first love and sasuma feels happy in Vicky chachu’s agency and best he can preserve her happy. Satya walks to Vicky’s room with aamras and apologizes for calling him antique guy, promises to recollect him as 29 year vintage and not 49 yr vintage. Vicky says he’ll don’t forget her as 27 year vintage and now not 47. She hesitates and he convinces her and liquids aamaras. Satya laughs seeing aamras moustache on Vicky’s lips. Vicky also laughs with her. Jaya with Samar watches them hiding close to door.

Samar requests Jaya once more to recall Vicky for sasumaa as he’s a down to earth man or woman and in no way boasts about his wealth even being 80% owner in their enterprise, handiest he can hold sasumaa happy. Vicky walks in and asks if he can talk to Jaya for sometime. Jaya agrees and says she by no means saw mamma so happy and going overboard for someone. Vicky says she observed out that he loves Satya and wants to marry her, he will hold her happy rest of his lifestyles and it’s miles up to Jaya now whether to accept him for Satya or no longer. At night, Jaya reminisces Samar’s words and herself seeing Satya being very satisfied with Vicky.

subsequent morning, Satya walks into Vicky’s room. Vicky hurriedly wakes up and wondering she came to take him for a morning walk says he will freshen up in 5 mins. Satya says she came to go back his cap and goes back home now. She greets him and leaves. Vicky thinks simplest Jaya can prevent Satya now. Satya gets prepared to leave. Vicky imagines Jaya preventing Satya and insisting her to stay back, however Satgya says she can be reached via phone name and walks toward door. Out of imagination, Vicky asks Samar while will Jaya come. Samar asks him to be patient. Jaya runs in the direction of Satya calling her mamma and emotionally requests to live again. Vicky rejoices given that.

Precap: Samar takes family to a discotheque in which Vicky has taken Satya. Youngters tease Satya to be careful, else her lower back will pain. Vicky challenges for a dance and that they both dance on main se meena se naa saathi family is amazed to see that.


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