Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vicky takes Samar’s family to discotheque. Samar hit the dance floor with Jaya and says he needs this minute to proceed for eternity. Satya hits the dance floor with Dadaji. Dadaji says he is worn out now and requests that her hit the dance floor with Vicky at this point. Daya while hitting the dance floor with Rama falls on youth and apologize. Youth insults on the off chance that he doesn’t know to move, he ought not. Adolescents at that point insult Satya who wears sari while moving. Vicky yells to stop music and cautions adolescents who made guideline that seniors can’t get into discotheque. Adolescent says all are youthful here and it looks unbalanced seeing oldies moving here. Rama says they appreciated a great deal and let us return home at this point. Prabha likewise says same. Vicky says Youngster offended him a great deal, presently the time has come to show them a thing or two difficulties to get their best artists and contend with his artists. A youthful couple strolls in front. Vicky asks Jaya and Samar to contend.

Samar says he can’t move as he is harmed and even Jaya has leg sprain. Jaya says she is fine. Samar requests that her sit. Vicky says his mom advised never to back off after test and it is an issue of ruptation. Prabha says let us return home and discussion about notoriety. Satya yells quiet and says Vicky’s mom is correct, they won’t back off, so she will contend. Vicky inquires as to whether she will hit the dance floor with some Youngster. Satya says she will hit the dance floor with him. Samar says that is the thing that he was discussing. Vicky says he doesn’t know to move. Satya says he simply needs to pursue her. Daya says Vicky was best artist of their school and supports him.

Youthful couple move on Coca Cola tu… melody.. Vicky and Satya move on Main Se Meena Se Na saathi se… melody. delightfully. Entire family supports them. Youingsters next round begins. Satya and Vicky move again on same melody. They move on third round and win rivalry. Everybody applaud them. Adolescents apologize Vicky and Satya and state they are best artists, they will even propose their folks to move regularly, they are Bhopal’s best moving jodi. Some snap selfies with them.

Next morning, Samar’s family observes Satya and Vicky’s news in paper. Rama says somebody must have just transferred video. Samar says as of now it is slanting and indicates Vicky and Satya’s moving video. Jaya says they should indicate it to mamma. She with Samar and Vicky achieves Satya’s home and shows video. Vicky says she moves brilliantly. Satya says she has won many moving challenge amid her childhood days. Vicky says then for what reason did not she seek after her leisure activity. He hears entryway chime and opens entryway. A man inquires as to whether he can meet Satya. Vicky says Satya isn’t taking cases and he can come following a couple of days. Man says he is Satya’s significant other Amarnath. Vicky stands stunned. Satya with Samar and Jaya strolls towards entryway and exhaust seeing her better half, asks what is he doing here. Amarnath says god rebuffed him for his wrongdoings with blood malignant growth and will bite the dust in multi month, so he needs to go through his outstanding days with Satya. Satya concurs.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Episode Update: Vicky cautions Satya against Aamrnath and says thinks about her and cherishes her. Satya stands stunned.


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