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MMCJ 25 Apr episode Vicky takes Samar’s family to discotheque. Samar dance with Jaya and says he desires this second to maintain forever. Satya dances with Dadaji. Dadaji says he is tired now and asks her to bounce with Vicky now. Daya while dancing with Rama falls on teen and apologize. teenager taunts if he does no longer recognize to dance, he must not. kids then taunt Satya who wears sari at the same time as dancing. Vicky shouts to stop track and warns kids who made rule that elders cannot get into discotheque. youngster says all are young right here and it appears awkward seeing oldies dancing right here. Rama says they loved plenty and allow us to pass home now.

Prabha additionally says same. Vicky says youngster insulted him lots, now it is time to teach them a lesson challenges to get their best dancers and compete with his dancers. A younger couple walks in front. Vicky asks Jaya and Samar to compete.

Samar says he can not dance as he’s harm or even Jaya has leg sprain. Jaya says she is satisfactory. Samar asks her to sit. Vicky says his mom advised never to go into reverse after project and it’s far a query of ruptation. Prabha says let us pass domestic and communicate about reputation. Satya shouts silence and says Vicky’s mother is right, they’ll now not back off, so she will compete. Vicky asks if she will be able to dance with some teenager. Satya says she will be able to dance with him. Samar says that’s what he changed into talking about. Vicky says he does no longer realize to bop. Satya says he just has to follow her. Daya says Vicky turned into satisfactory dancer in their university and encourages him.young couple dance on Coca Cola tu…song.. Vicky and Satya dance on most important Se Meena Se Na saathi se…tune. beautifully. complete own family encourages them. Youingsters subsequent spherical begins. Satya and Vicky dance once more on equal tune. They dance on third spherical and win opposition. everyone clap for them. kids express regret Vicky and Satya and say they may be nice dancers, they will even suggest their dad and mom to dance often, they are Bhopal’s high-quality dancing jodi. a few click on selfies with them.

Next morning, Samar’s own family sees Satya and Vicky’s information in newspaper. Rama says a person should have already uploaded video. Samar says already it’s miles trending and suggests Vicky and Satya’s dancing video. Jaya says they have to show it to mamma. She with Samar and Vicky reaches Satya’s house and suggests video. Vicky says she dances marvelously. Satya says she has gained many dancing competition in the course of her adolescents days. Vicky says then why did not she pursue her hobby. He hears door bell and opens door. a person asks if he can meet Satya. Vicky says Satya isn’t always taking cases and he can come after a few days. man says he’s Satya’s husband Amarnath. Vicky stands taken aback. Satya with Samar and Jaya walks toward door and fumes seeing her husband, asks what’s he doing here. Amarnath says god punished him for his sins with blood most cancers and will die in 1 month, so he desires to spend his final days with Satya. Satya consents.

Precap: Vicky warns Satya in opposition to Aamrnath and says cares for her and loves her. Satya stands bowled over.

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 April 2019
Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th April 2019
Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25 April
Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th April


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