Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 25 Mar Episode each person clap after Dhruv and Jaya’s dance. Vicky signals Silky/Samar. Silky brings musician and dances on Dhadak track’s track.. She silently drops juice on Jaya’s dress and says she advised that she might be wanted each time. She takes Jaya again to her room to alternate her dress and remakeup her, asks Jaya to visit washroom and alternate herself. Jaya walks into washroom. Puneeth enters sporting Samar’s jacket and says he may be very fearful. Samar asks to just cross and stand near window. He himself then applies lipstick on his cheek to make it seem like blood and shouts don’t hit me. Jaya rushes out and sees a person escaping from window, seeing Samar’s jacket thinks its Samar. Silky tells Jaya that she heard that man addressing himself as Samar and he or she heard all his plan. She takes Jaya down and addresses each person that she heard Samar’s plan. Puneeth joins them lower back wearing sherwani. Vicky asks Karthik to move and seize Samar. Karthik runs up and acts as preventing.
Silky maintains appearing and says she can give an explanation for. She asks all of us to move apart as a female will enter now. Shanaya enters. Vicky says that is our Shanaya. Silky says she is a woman. Dhruv asks what’s she doing here. Shanaya says if she can not marry him, she will die in the front of him and collapses eating drowsing drugs. Silky exams and says its sound asleep drugs and asks Dhruv to rush her to hospital. Sily asks every body to transport apart in addition keeping Jaya’s hand says Samar instructed he’s going to run away with Jaya like this and runs away. AFter a couple of minutes, Vicky asks them to return lower back. Satya walks out with everybody and sees Silky’s wig and garments on floor. Vicky says meaning Samar had come as Silky and took Jaya away.

Samar after kidnapping Jaya drives car and name callings Jaya that he took a long way far from her mamma, now they’ll go to Goa and remedy their distinction and enjoy coconut water and cocktail. Jaya holds steering and insists to take her lower back. Their vehicle rolls down the jungle and hits a tree. Samar flies out of car and collapses hitting his head on a stone. At home, Vicky attempts to lie to Satya and says Jaya and Samar are palms in glove and escaped collectively. Satya shouts to shut up and alleges Naani for calling Silky. Naani says she called Silky and did not recognise Samar could enter disguised. Vicky says Jaya loves Samar, so she escaped with him. Satya shouts Jaya loves Dhruv and he or she will call police to trap Samar. Jaya in jungles searches Samar and unearths him mendacity on floor, asks him to forestall his drama and drop her again domestic. Samar does no longer arise. Jaya herself walks in the direction of dangerous natural world area yelling at Samar. She then thinks if Samar absolutely is injured and rushes again to the spot, but does now not discover him there.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi episode update: Jaya receives afraid seeing Samar’s footwear and wondering tiger ought to have attacked him.


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