Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Samar showers flowers on Jaya and gifts her Dairy Milk Silk choc. She receives emotional. He says quickly they may see Vicky chachu and Satya Sasurmaa’s wedding and their life might be filled with pleasure, asks her no longer shed her mineral crammed tears. She smiles. At Satya’s house, Vicky brings Satya’s husband Amarnath forcefully and says he does now not have any cancer and were given a faux document via peon, he got here right here with a few conspiracy and will try and harm Satya, so she must kick him out. Amarnath lies that Vicky is mendacity and forcefully dragged him here. Satya asks Amarnath to go and says Vicky that she knows he is concerned about her, but he should now not trouble about Amarnath. Vickys says she is not information, Amarnath will manage her. Satya says he’s getting overconcerned.

Vicky says why need to no longer he, he cares for her and he loves her and maintains. Satya gives him a tight slap. Vicky asks why did she slap him. She says she considered him a chum, but he confessed that he loves her. Vicky goes into flashback and realizes confessing his love for Satya. Satya asks him to leave and walks away maintaining his hand.

Vicky returns domestic and locks door. Prabha says Vicky is not starting door. Rama says he have to be resting. Samar walks to Vicky’s room and for the duration of communique sees fingerprints on his hand and asks who slapped him. Vicky nervously says a temple monkey. Samar maintains wondering. Jaya walks in or even she insists to inform who slapped him. He in the end confesses that Satya slapped him and describes entire tale. Vicky blasts him that he troubled Satya unnecessarily and got insecure at the same time as Amarnath is only a 10-15 day old visitor. Vicky says Amarnath is not a proper guy. Samar keeps scolding him, opens door, and gets anxious seeing Prabha status. Prabha asks why he is misbehaving with Vicky. Samar silently walks away.

Amarnath takes Satya’s favourite breakfast for her. Satya reminisces getting ready her favorite breakfast for him at some point of their young people and he verbally abusing her. She warns him not to pester her and just stay there and leave. He thinks he is here to hassle her and could change her lifestyles for worst quickly.

Jaya scolds Samar that he need to now not have misbehaved with Vicky chachu as Vicky chachu is concerned about mamma and is not insecure, she can cross and give an explanation for scenario to mamma. Samar walks to Vicky’s room and apologizes him. Vicky says he is not insecure and explains what Amarnath advised. Samar says Jaya has long past to Satya’s residence to clean the mishap he made. Prabha walks in with juice and walks what mishap.. Samar brushes off and walks away. Prabha determines to discover.

Jaya walks to Satya’s residence and fumes seeing Amarnath. Amarnath thinks Satya has made her daughter arrogant like her. Jaya walks into Satya’s room and explains her that Vicky is worried for her and she wishes existence partner, hence Vicky is ideal healthy for her. Satya says she does not need a life associate and may deal with herself. Jaya asks if she is pronouncing this due to Amarnath. Satya says no. Their argument continues…

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Episode Update: Jaya tells Satya that she and Samar need her to marry Vicky as she will be able to now not get a higher life companion than him. Rama and own family walks in. Amarnath says he introduced them here.


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