Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 29 Mar episode Samar stops Jaya from coming into lake and says he’s going to cross first as he cannot let her in danger. He enters lake and receives trapped in daldal/quicksand. He warns Jaya no longer to go into. She as normal says why ought to no longer she. He gives her mother’s promise. She stops. He confesses his love for her and says he constantly cherished her and will constantly be, continues and sinks in quicksand. Jaya panics when you consider that and rushes to get some assist, gets a protracted stick and throws it in the direction of Samar. Samar sinks completely. Jaya stands crying. Samar’s hand emerges and he holds stick. Jaya pulls him out and cries reminisces Samar telling he will not allow her in danger at any cost. On the opposite side, Dhruv receives tired looking Jaya and Samar and informs Satya they could not locate them, so let us move domestic.

Satya receives adamant that she will not go without Jaya. Vicky murmurs she is a cussed female. Satya asks if he stated something. He says it’s far dangerous to stay in jungle at night, that allows you to return inside the morning.

Jaya takes unconscious Samar beneath a tree and sees blood from his lower back. She removes his shirt and sees leaches on his lower back, she tries to drag them out and when she fails lighting hearth in Samar’s style by means of rubbing 2 stones and then showing fireplace around returned removes leaches from Samar’s back. Samar sleeps on her lap. She cries reminiscing their old romantic days. On the alternative facet, Satya walks to lake to have water. Vicky asks what’s she doing here, what if animals attack her. She says she might have died with thirst, so she came here to quench her thirst.

Next morning, Samar wakes up and seeing himself in Jaya’s lamp. He sees her crying and says there’s no room for crying as he found out even she loves him and they may stay luckily of their home from hereon. Satya enters and warns Samar not to touch Jaya and he’ll visit jail now. She asks Jaya to accompany her. Samar says Jaya will go together with her as she found out she loves him. Satya says it’s far his false impression and one-sided love as ordinary and asks Jaya to clean Samar’s false impression. Jaya as standard says she will go along with mamma and marry Dhruv day after today. Satya walks away conserving her and Dhruv’s hand while Samar stands shattered.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi episode update: Jaya cries in her room. Samar walks to her and asks no longer to as she is getting the what she wants. Jaya says her happiness is with him.


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