Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Jaya informs Samar that Shalini is four steps ahead of them, they’ve misplaced. Samar says they are on the right route and evil Shalini will lose, she ought to tell what befell there. Jaya informs that Shalini kidnapped Vicky and threatened to get her married to Samar this night, else Vicky may be murdered. Samar fumes that he will not spare Shalini. Shalini walks in says he need to not worry as she has tied Vicky appropriately and his one wrong move can kill Vicky. She asks Samar and Jaya to head and publish their divorce papers in court. Jaya gets concerned for Vicky. Samar says their love with keep Vicky chachu, they may loose Vicky chachu and then will reveal Shalini’s fact; Jaya has to head and do that as he needs to be in the front of Shalini. She asks how can she by myself. He says he’s confident of her. Jaya says he’s right, she can save Vicky and their dating. She selections mangalsutra and thinks Samar will refix it in her neck again.

Satya eagerly waits for Vicky and Jaya. Jaya returns by myself. Satya asks wherein is Vicky. Jaya exhibits who tale and promises to convey back Vicky adequately. Satya says they each will divulge Shalini’s truth and get her punish, asks her to take her to a locality wherein Vicky was abducted, they both will free Vicky first after which address Shalini.

Shalini asks Samar to get equipped for wedding ceremony. Samar asks what did he do to her, why she desires to take revenge from him, if she desires wealth. Shalini she can grab his whole wealth after she marries him. He asks why she is ruining her son’s lifestyles, what will he feel when he unearths out that he isn’t always his father. Shalini warns no longer to pull her son on this, she is aware of the way to manage him. Jerry hears their verbal exchange.

Jaya and Satya seek Vicky in the locality in which he changed into kidnapped and eventually achieving the spot find him tied to a chair. At home, Samar and Shalini’s wedding ceremony rituals start. Pandit asks bride and groom to trade garlands. Samar nervously appears at door looking ahead to Jaya to return. Shalini smirks questioning once she marries him, she will be able to take her revenge from him.

Precap: Satya and Jaya unfastened Vicky. Vicky says he saw Shalini’s husband’s face. Shalini’s husband hidden in darkish says Shalini would have married Samar via now.


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