Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 3 Apr episode Samar’s circle of relatives are in sorrow after Samar symptoms on the spot divorce papers. Prabha blames Jaya for her being mamma’s puppet and blindly following her mom. Chachaji backs her and says it’s far higher if sasural and maika are far away. Rama says it’s miles daughter’s right to be near her mother and he or she does now not blame Jaya for Satya’s evilness who stooped very low and crossed her limits, she simply wants her bahu returned domestic and go back in her son’s lifestyles. Vicky scolds them not to cry and to leave the whole thing on god now. Rama asks him to get her son and bahu back domestic.

Samar prepares tea for Satya’s own family. Shikha asks Karthik to do some thing as she can’t see Samar’s circumstance. Karthik says he’s helpless in the front of Sasumaa. Richa reminds him that Samar reunited them. Samar enters with tea joking and gives warm choc milk to Kabeer. Kabeer lamentably walks away. Maid supplies Jaya’s wedding ceremony dress from Dhruv’s house. Satya asks Samar to go and give it to Jaya and if it does not in shape properly to get it corrected thru tailor. Kabeer walks out and prays god to help Samar. Vicky sees him tensed and asks purpose. Kabeer looking at Satya says he’s great. Vicky gets suspicious.

Samar walks to Jaya’s room with first-rate problem and knocking her door gives her wedding get dressed pronouncing Dhruv despatched it, she can take a look at and inform if it needs alternation. Vicky walks to Satya and confronts her. Satya says we lawyers use comparable drama to reinforce our case. Vicky keeps tongue lashing her. Satya slips. He holds her. major Teri Dushman..tune..plays inside the historical past. Vicky says he heard right song for the primary time. Satya asks what…

Jaya attempts her wedding ceremony dress and informs Samar it’s miles lose in sleeves and a few locations, she is habituated to wear perfect get dressed before. Samar takes get dressed to tailor whilst Jaya watches him from window silently. Samar facilitates labors unload wedding ceremony objects and receives injured. Jaya gets involved for him. Vicky enters and notices that.

Precap: Pandit asks to deliver bride. Shikha returns and says Jaya does no longer want to return.


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