Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Samar and Shalini’s wedding ceremony rituals begin. Pandit asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. Shalini is ready to position garland in Samar’s neck when Jerry stops her and says he needs to speak. Shalini says let mamma and pappa’s wedding ceremony end first, he can communicate later. Jerry holds her hand and insists to speak right now. Samar says she have to concentrate to child. circle of relatives also insists. Shalini takes Jerry into a room and asks why did she prevent her and papa’s wedding. Jerry says Samar isn’t always her papa. Shalini says Samar need to have lied, she can now not spare Samar. Jerry says she lied and he heard her and Samar’s communique, she desires to marry Samar uncle to take revenge. Shalini says it became all drama, she can get him the toys he likes after wedding ceremony.
Jerry says she is doing wrong with Samar uncle. Shalini attempts to slap Jerry, but Samar enters on time and prevents her. Shalini warns him to go away her hand. Samar warns dare not to the touch kid and slump so low to use her personal son for her benefit. He says kids are god’s present and if Jerry located out reality, then it’s far god’s will, she ought to prevent gambling together with his and Jaya’s lives. Shalini says if his lecture is completed, can they finish wedding. Samar tells Jerry it’s far waste to provide an explanation for Shalini, let the wedding entire.

Jaya and Satya discover a closed godown in which Vicky is kept hostage and stroll in by unlocking door. They see goon caution tied Vicky to forestall yelling, else he will trash him brutally. Satya and Jaya play a trick and beating goons brutally free Vicky. Vicky says they have to locate Shalini’s husband who turned into here and went out speaking over phone. Jaya says door became locked outside. Vicky says there are secret doors inside this godown. Jaya asks what’s Shalini’s husband’s call. Shalini’s husband comes and says his call will no longer exit and they all three can be killed.

Samar and Shalini’s wedding rituals preserve. Pandit asks to do bride and groom’s gathbandhan. Rama is set to do gathbandhan when Lallan walks in and asks to concentrate to a music before doing something and plays Jhooth Bole Kawwa Kaate music. He then says bhabhiji come in. Shalini asks where to. Lallan says he called actual bhabhiji. Jaya walks in. Rama and Prabha receives satisfied. Shalini asks what’s she doing. Jaya says allow her inform her a story and describes Samar and Shalini’s university story until their university farewell night time. Shen then maintains rest of the story in which Shalini along with her youngster meets Samar and alleging him that he’s her son’s father and threatened to marry her. She says the truth is after losing under the influence of alcohol Samar to his room on farewell night time, she met her boyfriend and spent a night time, Shalini were given pregnant and married her boyfriend, now her husband is making an attempt to take revenge from Samar the usage of Shalini. She calls inspector to bring Shalini’s husband. Inspector brings Akash. Jaya says Akash got out of jail on bail and brainwashed Shalini to take revenge on Samar as Samar had trashed Akash and despatched him to jail. She thanks Shalini for sending her out of house, due to which she may want to expose her plan. She then reminisces how Akash pointed gun on her, Vicky, and Satya and how they fought with him and called police.

Precap: Jaya and Satya get pregnant.


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