Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 8 Apr episode Samar strolls to railroad station broke and sits on a seat. Vicky calls him and says Shanaya told he left from marriage episode halfway. Samar says yes. Vicky requests that he get back home right away. Samar says he can’t come and soliciting to take care from maa/Rama separates call. At Jaya’s home, Satya secures Kabeer a room. Kabeer thumps entryway and cries calling mamma and daddy. He sees open window and departures by means of it. Satya comes back to mantap. Shikha asks what was Kabeer telling. Satya says he is a child and was telling he will miss Jaya, she made him rest. Panditji requests to perform lady of the hour and husband to be’s gatbandhan. Nimmi daadi trusts this jodi does not break for eternity. Satya says it won’t as she did gatbandhan.

Kabeer enters and reveals to Jaya he needs to educate her something critical. Shikha asks what. Satya terrifying Kabeer with her scowling face says he is still in rest and attempts to drag him towards room when Kabeer liberates himself and says he won’t go. Satya holds his hand once more. Naani cautions Satya to leave Kabeer and asks what he needs to state. Satya apprehensively endeavors to remove Kabeer once more. Naani cautions her to give him a chance to talk. Kabeer says he knew Satya would endeavor to refute him, so he has recorded her admission video. He gives his versatile to Karthik and requests that he play video. Karthik plays video on TV and everybody are entertained to see Satya admitting her wrongdoing that she constantly attempted to isolate Samar from Jaya and she played numerous shows asserting Samar endeavoring to murder her and even offended Rama. They further observe Samar and Jaya’s trading wedding bands. Kabeer proceeds with that Satya did not give him a chance to talk and compromised that she will isolate his folks on the off chance that he uncovered her reality.

Shikha strolls to Satya and stands up to how might she compromise a little child. Jaya yells her to stop and strolling to her asks how might she assert mamma just with Kabeer’s proof, a mother is in every case genuine and can’t consider hurting youngsters. Satya says she is correct and ought not trust Kabeer. Satya keeps commending Satya and says she complied with her mom dependably from birth and even got hitched and separated from her significant other on her request, presently she is remarrying on her request; her better half bore her mom’s psychological provocation and made him ghar jamai, he rejoined her sisters with their spouses. She proceeds with that everybody mother secures their youngsters, yet her mom spoilt her kids’ life to fulfill her inner self, she stooped so low to prevail upon Samar lastly won; she will wed Dhruv on her mom’s requests now and strolling to Dhruv says let us complete pheras. Dhruv stops her and says Samar was her adoration and will dependably be, there is no utilization of this marriage now. Satya stands seething with her ordinary glaring face.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Episode Update: Vicky discloses to Jaya that just 15 minutes are left for train flight, she ought to proceed to stop Samar. Samar sheets train and hangs tight for Jaya. Jaya rides horse towards railroad station.


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