Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 9 Apr episode begin with Dhruv reveals to Jaya that he can’t wed her as she adores Samar from previously. Jaya cries that Samar dependably disregards her. Vicky enters and requests that her proceed to stop Samar as train will leave in 15 minutes. Jaya runs while Satya observes powerlessly with her glaring face. Jaya keeps running on road towards railroad station. Samar sitting on seat hears declaration that Bhopal to Mumbai train will leave in almost no time. Jaya keeps running and a taxi driver shouts at her for going ahead the way. Jaya cries and implores god to support her. Steed man goes by and seeing her stops horse and advising her that she once took man of the hour on bike when his pony couldn’t reach on schedule, she can do anything. Jaya rides hore towards railroad station.

Nimmo daadi and her relatives leave Satya’s house. Shikha reveals to Satya that she wouldn’t like to give her an awful case of mother to her child and tells Kabeer and Karthik let us return home. Naani says even she will go with her and faces Satya that she doesn’t look discouraged even after her horrifying demonstration and her family abandoning her. Shikha takes Naani along. Satya with her grimacing face pours water on havan. Vicky inquires as to whether she isn’t embarrassed about herself. Satya says no. Vicky says she isn’t the only one as individuals’ condemnations are with her, she demolished her own youngsters’ lives does not have a touch of disappointment. Satya irately breaks things and harms her hand. Vicky surges with clean fluid, yet Satya draws her hand. Vicky says she is rendering retribution from her own youngsters, more often than not ladies of her age needs to see kids settled down. Satya says she doesn’t lament her deeds. Vicky leaves.

Samar gets into train. Jaya achieves railroad station on steed and keeps running towards train calling Samar. Samar hears her and strolls close entryway. She requests that he hold her hand. He expands his hand. She holds it and hauls him out of train. They fall on bedsheet packs. Everybody around grin and acutely watch them. Jaya stands up to Jaya how might he disregard her, whatever she does, he must be with her. He says he doesn’t need Satya sasumaa ruin their lives in next life. Jaya says mamma won’t and she won’t abandon him once more, let us return home. They both sincerely embrace one another and Samar diverts her while everybody around applaud them.

Samar takes Jaya home and says let us go in. Jaya stops him and says when she came into his home first time, she had taken 7 pledges, today she got another opportunity to walk 7 stages rehashing 7 promises. She makes first vow starting now and into the foreseeable future, it’s not possible for anyone to enter between them. Samar says makes next stride saying they will be quality of one another. They keep rehashing every one of the 7 pledges and embrace each other smilingly. Samar says she took 7 pledges and ought not break them, let us go in as maa is hanging tight for them. Jaya says she is anxious to meet maa. Rama detects them coming and turns. She gets extremely upbeat seeing them and thank god for satisfying his guarantee.

Precap Upcoming Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Episode Update: Samar’s family invites Jaya with her graha pravesh. Samar embraces Jaya saying they ought not get any issue from here. Rama gets a telephone call and stands strained.


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