Main Maike Chali Jaungi 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vicky exits and rests on couch. Samar with Jaya strolls in and asks Vicky for what good reason did not they come to meet them and compliment, they themselves came now. He inquires as to for what reason is he resting on couch. Jaya strolls in to meet Satya and requests that her give her shagun as she is getting to be naani/grandmother. Satya apprehensively talks and looks feeble. Jaya inquires as to whether she got her checkup by means of specialist. Satya says she completed it as of now. Jaya demands to determine what is she stowing away. Satya says she is likewise pregnant. Jaya is astounded to hear that and leaves complimenting her.

Samar gives moral gyaan to Vicky how to lead an upbeat wedded life and inquires as to why he battled with sasuma. Vicky uncovers that Satya had gone for specialist checkup in the first part of the day. Samar apprehensively says they won’t let anything happen to Sasuma regardless of whether she has any terminal disease. Vicky says Satya is pregnant. Samar cheerfully embraces Vicky and compliments him for turning into a dad. Jaya leaves quietly. Samar keeps running behind her. Satya advises Vicky that Jaya left in the wake of hearing the news. Jaya returns home with Samar. Samar inquires as to why she is so apprehensive, in certainty he is glad to catch wind of Sasuma’s pregnancy, he will give this uplifting news to entire family. He calls family and says Jaya needs to tell something. Jaya says they had been for specialist’s checkup and specialist told child is sound and there are changes of ordinary conveyance.

Family says it is an uplifting news, and Rama says ordinary conveyance is great. Jaya strolls back to room and keeps feeling apprehensive, Samar attempts to quiet her down. Vicky takes supper for Satya. Satya says she isn’t eager. Vicky inquires as to why she is so apprehensive. Satya says she is feeling tragic seeing Jaya leaving without talking, even her telephone is turned off. Vicky calls Samar and requests that he offer telephone to Satya. Jaya apologizes Satya for leaving without talking and says she is cheerful for her. Jaya solicits her to take care from herself and separates call. Vicky feeds her supper.

Next morning, Vicky serves breakfast to Satya and says he has made game plans for her yoga, work out, evening walk, and so forth., she simply needs to unwind and he will do all family errands. He gets call from office requesting that he go to an outside conference for 4-5 days, yet requests to oversee themselves. Satya hears that and demands to go to conference while she remains at Surana chateau. At Surana chateau, Rama nourishes apple to Jaya and spoils her. Satya strolls in holding bag and says Vicky has gone out on an excursion for work, so she came to remain here. Rama says they are generally glad to hear twofold uplifting news. Satya contemplates her pregnancy.

Precap: Satya tells family that she and Jaya will share same nourishment. Rama inquires as to why. Satya inquires as to whether they don’t have the foggiest idea about that she is likewise pregnant. Family stands stunned.


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