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MMCJ 12 Apr episode Samar says simplest Satya can shop Sarika. Jaya says mama will no longer combat Sarika’s case. Samar says sasumaa is expert in these sort of cases. Jaya says she does no longer want mamma to be worried in our circle of relatives problems as she may additionally attempt to take revenge. Samar says Satya might not. Jaya asks what if she can harm Sarika. Rama enters and says Jaya is proper, they must no longer take Satya’s help. Samar receives a call from police station stating Sarika collapsed because of stress and is taken to medical institution. He rushes to medical institution. In health facility, Akash thanks his mom for helping him. mom says he’s assisting his parents alternatively with the aid of grabbing five crores. Akash says Suranas will supply five crores or even maintain their guilt-ridden daughter home. He sees Samar and his family rushing in and sends his mother. They all input Sarika’s room involved. doctor says she fell subconscious due to pressure. Akash’s mom enters and says she is burdened because of guilt of poisoning Akash and her circle of relatives now not paying agreement 5 crores. Rama confronts her and asks how can she say this being a mom. Akash’s mother says she is concerned for her son like Rama is concerned for her daughter. Jaya warns her to stop her drama and get out. Akash’s mom angrily leaves.

Samar walks out to parking lot feeling helpless. Jaya walks to him and says they can’t take mamma’s assist and famous that she met Satya already and what Satya told. Satya reaches there in car, gets out of it and walks towards Akash’s room. Surana family is amused since. Jaya says mamma desires to simply watch the drama. Satya walks into Akash’s room. Akash reminisces Satya catching him pink-exceeded along with his lady friend. His mom starts drama that Sarika poisoned her son and attempted to kill him. Akash says he is innocent, so no lawyer is taking Sarika’s case. Satya says she is training regulation seeing that 22 years and has heard liers like him plenty, she can take Sarika’s case and permit her see how he escapes. Akash and his mom get tensed.

Satya walks out of Akash’s room. Samar walks to her and apologizing for his in advance misbehavior pleads to take Sarika’s case. Satya asks what took place to his overconfidence. Samar says he will do whatever to shop Sarika. Satya asks will he surely and asks to rub his nose on her toes and apologize. circle of relatives stands greatly surprised listening to that. Jaya pleads Satya not to try this. Satya asks Amar if he’ll or now not. Samar says there’s not anything incorrect in touching mother’s toes and rubs his nose in the front of Satya’s ft. He then asks Satya if she can combat Sarika’s case now. Satya says she is not hobby and walks toward door. Jaya asks Samar why did he do this, when her mom couldn’t recognize her ache, why will she recognize Sarika’s pain. Satya turns and says she simply modified her words, but Samar modified her lifestyles. Satya returns home reminiscing Samar rubbing his nostril in the front of her ft. Samar enters and pleads her that he’ll do anything she says, she has to accept Sarika’s case.

Precap: Samar informs family that Satya agreed to take Sarika’s case. Jaya asks what price did she ask, it ought to be massive. Samar stands worried.

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Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12 April 2019
Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12th April 2019
Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12 April
Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12th April


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