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MMCJ 13 Mar episode starts with Dhruv asking Samar to apologize to Satya. Samar says he can accept the punishment, but can never allow Jaya getting married to Dhruv.

Samar takes the entire blame on himself. The police officer puts Samar in the lockup.

Satya feels that now she can do Jaya’s marriage peacefully. Naani rebukes Satya when she talks ill about Samar.

Naani says Samar is doing all this to bring back Jaya in his life because he loves her a lot. She advises Jaya to think from her heart.

Satya asks Jaya to leave her house if she feels her mother is wrong. Naani walks out of Satya’s house.

Satya blames Samar for all this. Jaya says she will never leave her because she trusts her blindly. Satya gets happy.

Shikha supports Kartik and states that we will put in efforts to bring Jaya and Samar together. Shikha says that Satya is wrong.

Kabir asks Shikha not to get angry on Satya.

Dhruv shares his feelings with Nimmi. He says that he is not able to understand if Jaya loves Samar or not. Nimmi consoles Dhruv by saying that he is Jaya’s future.

Dhruv and Jaya recall their past memories.

In the night, Satya wakes up with a strange noise. She sees someone’s shadow outside her room. Satya gets a threat concerning the Mahashivratri truth.

Satya gets scared. Shanaya did all this to scare Satya. Shanaya decides to record Satya’s confession. Satya sees someone hiding.

While coming downstairs, Satya falls down the stairs. Satya gets injured. Shanaya runs away. Jaya gets shocked to see Satya.

Jaya calls Samar for help. Samar’s phone is kept with the police officer.

The written update of 13 March 2019 Mein Maayke Chali Jaayungi episode story ends.

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