Main Maike Chali Jaungi 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 14 Mar episode starts with Jaya taking Satya to the hospital. Shanaya comes to the police station and informs Samar about whatever happened to Satya.

Samar requests the police officer to free him for an hour. The police officer refuses. Samar fools the officer and runs away from the jail.

Samar rushes towards Satya’s house and finds it locked. He later runs to reach the hospital to be with Jaya.

Jaya gets shocked to see Samar in the hospital. Samar questions Jaya about Satya’s wellbeing. Jaya questions him about his escape.

Samar states that she remembered him in her bad time, and so he made sure to be with her. Samar asks Jaya if he is the dearest to her.

Dhruv comes there. The police officer also comes there and takes away Samar. While going, Samar tells Jaya that he can sacrifice his life for her.

Jaya longs for Samar. Dhruv questions Jaya if she is sure about this wedding or not.

He says he felt bad when she didn’t tell him about Satya’s accident.
Satya comes back home. She finds Shanaya’s choker necklace in her room. She steps out of her house. Jaya follows her.

Dhruv cries in front of Nimmi. He feels bad as Jaya is drifting away from him. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to come in between Samar and Jaya.

Satya comes to the police station. She tells the police officer that Samar and Shanaya are involved in attacking her.

She hands over the necklace to the officer. Samar takes the entire blame on himself. Jaya overhears his confession.

Satya says she always knew that he would take the entire blame on himself and that is why she did all this.

In the morning, Jaya comes with her backpack. Satya questions her. Jaya says she is going to her sasural.

The written update of 14 March 2019 Mein Maayke Chali Jaayungi episode story ends.

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