Main Maike Chali Jaungi 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 15 Apr episode starts with Samar demands Satya to take Sarika’s case. Satya inquires as to whether he will have tea in his style, she will set it up. He concurs. She serves him ginger tea and says he needs to turn into his slave and needs to comply with her each request, on the off chance that she says get up, he needs to; in the event that she says run, he needs to, and so on.. Samar concurs. She requests that he have tea. He picks glass. She requests that he keep it and asks when is case hearing. He says today. She requests to get him case subtleties from police headquarters inside 60 minutes. He concurs and says OK sasuma. She cautions to state madam. He says yes madam. She requests to run now. He surges towards police headquarters.

Samar achieves medical clinic and educates family that sasumaa consented to battle Sarika’s case. Jaya asks Satya would not concur with no immense charges, what did she inquire. Samar thinking back Satya’s conditoin says overlook it, he acknowledged to pay her. Akash’s mom peeps from his room and educates Akash that Satya consented to battle Sarika’s case for gigantic expenses. Akash alarms that Satya is the best attorney in city, presently Suranas will pay a little add up to Satya and won’t give them 5 crores.

Medical attendant illuminates Surana family that Sarika is wakeful at this point. Family strolls to her room. She keeps crying that she is blameless. Samar says he knows and Satya has consented to battle her case. He exits. Jaya inquires as to whether he is certain to take Satya’s assistance. He says yes and says he needs to race to police headquarters and get case subtleties. He achieves police headquarters where monitor makes him hang tight for long. Overseer goes aside and calls Satya who requests that he keep Samar hanging tight there for some additional time.

Akash’s mom achieves Satya’s home and inquires as to whether she can come in. Satya influences her to sit. Mother says she knows Akash is faking, so on the off chance that she doesn’t acknowledge Sarika’s case or loses it, she will get 1 crore. Satya inquires as to for what reason should she do that. Akash’s mom concurs that Akash wedded Sarika for cash, however after last episode they are discussing just separation, so they need cash seriously. She proceeds with that Satya was offended by Suranas beore and even lost her little girl in view of Samar, so she should render retribution from them. Satya says 2 crores. Mother says it is excessively, however will pay once case is finished. Satya says she should pay 50 lakhs money and home loan her home papers in return of 1.5 crores and once she gets 1.5 crores will return papers. Mother concurs and leaves. Samar returns and is entertained to see Akash’s mom going out. He strolls in and gives case reports. She says he is 30 minutes late and should bear discipline. He inquires as to whether she requested controller to keep him paused. Satya says he knows her well and advises that Akash’s mom had come and offered her 2 crores to pull back case, however she cherishes seeing him enduring than gaining 2 crores. He expresses gratitude toward her for not tolerating offer and asks what he ought to do now. She requests to clean the house and cook for her.

Akash’s mom comes back to medical clinic and illuminates Akash that Satya consented to lose Sarika’s case at end minute for 2 crores. Akash gets cheerful. Jaya goes by and is stunned to hear their discussion.

Precap Upcoming Main Maike Chali Jaungi Episode Update: Satya says Samar that she needs diversion with sustenance, so he should move. He moves on She is a community young lady… melody. Vicky and Jaya enter.


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