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Samar asks did you believe that your issue will reach here. Vicky says never thought. He thinks about his minutes with Satya. Satya is tragic. Dada ji asks Prabha to begin the rasam. Satya considers Shikha and Richa’s words. Vicky discloses to Samar that Satya is unsettled. Samar says who will get upbeat wedding an elderly person, and after that says she is Sharma so feeling modest. He says everything is great. Prabha cuts haldi and tumbles down. Vicky says it is abshagun. Rama inquires as to whether she is fine. Prabha says some haldi tumbled down. Samar says everything is typical. Vicky says this marriage is my reality and on the off chance that occurs, at that point my reality will be devastated. Samar says I won’t let this occur. Jaya brings Satya and causes him to sit close to Vicky. Vicky says glad haldi ji. Satya grins. Rama says Jaya will apply first. They chuckle. Jaya gets some information about Shikha and Richa, and be glad. She applies haldi to her. Samar applies haldi to Vicky’s face. Vicky gets up and afterward grins. Samar reviews his minutes with jaya and grins.

Later Vicky is having migraine. Samar gets some information about his mehendi capacity and chill. Vicky thinks how to quiet down brain and calls Lallan. He inquires as to whether he will feel quiet down if applies mehendi. Lallan says yes. Vicky requests that he bring. Prabha discloses to Rama that mehendi is prepared and will fill in cones in at some point. Simply then Lallan comes and takes the mehendi bowl from that point. Samar comes to Satya and Jaya and commendations Satya’s magnificence. He says now he knows why Jaya is so wonderful. Savitri Devi asks in the event that he knows now for what good reason Satya is excellent. They chuckle. Prabha finds the mehendi missing. Samar is chatting on telephone. Rama tells that the mehendi is missing which was splashed medium-term. He goes to Vicky’s room and sees Vicky having mehendi on his head and sitting in front of the TV. Samar asks from where did this mehendi came? Vicky says Lallan brought it, presently I am prepared. Samar says yet your future spouse won’t be prepared as you have connected mehendi which was for her. Vicky attempts to remove the mehendi from his head. Samar asks what’s going on with you. Vicky comes to Prabha, Rama and Jaya and attempts to talk. They chuckle seeing mehendi on his head. Vicky inquires as to whether the rasam won’t occur. Rama says there is no reason to worry. Prabha says shading will be less. Jaya asks him the amount he adores her mamma. Vicky says he cherishes her without a doubt. Samar requests that he proceed to wash his head. Prabha asks how the shading will be dull at this point. Jaya says it will be dull. She blends achaar oil and espresso powder in the mehendi to make it dim. She says she will apply to mamma first. Satya is pitiful and hangs tight for her different little girls. Savitri Devi says she will move first. She hits the dance floor with Prabha on the tune Nachde ke saare… ..She at that point says I am exceptionally worn out at this point. Jaya applies mehendi to Satya’s hand.

She says these hands buckled down till now, brought us and made our future. She says now these hands will have mehendi. She feels so glad for her mum. Prabha stops Samar, gauri and Uma Shankar from entering inside. Nani requests that they go from the women work. Vicky takes a gander at Satya, who is gazing the entryway. Samar asks him not to gaze her and have some disgrace. Vicky says Satya is searching for her girls and says he needs to share her torment. Samar inquires as to whether her torment is halwa. He says we will go to the capacity. They wear sarees and come there.

Precap Upcoming Main Maike Chali Jaungi Episode Update: Satya apologizes to Vicky saying she can’t wed him. Samar guarantees Satya that he will persuade Richa and Shikha and will bring them.


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