Main Maike Chali Jaungi 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Main Maike Chali Jaungi 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 5 Mar episode starts with Samar telling Jaya that he’ll marry Shanaya. He says he doesn’t need to marry her as she always thinks approximately her mom and now not her in-legal guidelines.

Rama talks sick about Jaya however Samar stops her. He asks her not to mention something bad about his wife. Jaya also stops Satya from scolding Samar.

Samar and Jaya come near and hug every other. Satya, Rama, and all and sundry gift there gets delighted to look them together.

Samar receives engaged to Jaya and Shanaya receives engaged to Dhruv. thankfully, the rings of both the couples’ turns out to be equal.

in the morning, Jaya finds herself sitting next to Samar. the two fail to recollect anything of the day before today.

Samar questions Jaya about the engagement ring. He questions who became engaged to whom.

They get glimpses of the beyond but fail to do not forget something.

One of the neighbours informs them approximately the bhang wali thandai submit which no person remembers whatever.

Samar and Jaya come to Satya’s house. They locate all of their own family contributors lying speedy asleep. Samar reveals the identical rings in Dhruv and Shanaya’s arms.

Samar questions all the family members in the event that they recollect anything. unfortunately, no one remembers something.

Jaya receives tensed on not finding Satya within the house. Samar asks Jaya to name the video recording man or woman to discover Satya’s remaining vicinity.

Jaya and Samar depart to fulfil the man or woman. stay tuned to this area for all updates on Main Maike Chali Jaungi

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