Main Maike Chali Jaungi 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

MMCJ 9 Jul episode begins with Samar says this is the greatest discipline for Shalini as her very own child loathes her. Jaya says Shalini and Akash as world’s most noticeably awful guardians. Police ask Shalini and Akash to go with them. Rama slaps Akash while police removes them. Rama at that point picks mangalsutra from sanctuary and asks Samar to fix it in Jaya’s neck. Samar complies. Rama asks them to never battle or go separate ways again throughout everyday life. Next morning, Samar prepares for office and calls Jaya to give him tie and wallet. She says it is directly there. He demands. She strolls to him. He gets sentimental. She says she will get ready breakfast for him with the goal that he ought not get late for office. He proceeds with his sentiment. She feels unsteady.

Samar calls Rama and Prabha. They hear Jaya’s manifestations and grin. Samar alarms that he will call specialist at this moment. Jaya says there is no requirement for that as she will be fine. Rama and Prabha advise that Samar is turning into a dad. Samar bounces in joy. The two of them recommend him to keep Jaya upbeat dependably and take most extreme consideration of her. When they leave, Samar inquires as to whether they can be preferable guardians over Shalini and Akash. She says he ought not consider others and the two of them will pursue their obligation well.

Samar says he will call sasuma and Vicky chachu and give them uplifting news. At Satya’s home, Vicky serves tea to Satya. Samar calls him and educates that he is getting to be grandpa. Vicky says he isn’t that old yet, yet observing Satya grinning acknowledges and salutes Samar for getting to be father. Satya likewise talks and praises Samar and Jaya.

Samar requests that they return home and favor them. At night, Satya reprimands Vicky that due to him getting her intoxicated with wine, they got personal and she is additionally pregnant, she got pregnancy news from her little girl in the first part of the day and now she herself is pregnant. Vicky says he didn’t realize this would occur. At night, Samar fixes his photograph on divider and reveals to Jaya that she should watch his photograph generally so their kid can be attractive like him. She inquires as to whether she isn’t delightful. He says she is, however he is progressively attractive. Their nok jhok proceeds. Samar then calls Vicky and inquires as to for what reason didn’t they come at this point, they are holding up since morning. Vicky rigidly takes a gander at Satya.

Precap: Samar and Jaya achieve Satya’s home and ask Vicky and Satya for what reason didn’t they come to meet them.


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