Main Maike Chali Jaungi 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Today’s Main Maike Chali Jaungi 11 Mar episode starts with Samar requesting Jaya not to get married. He says we cannot be separated now. Samar confesses that he is enacting to date Shanaya.

Samar says he did all this to bring her back in his life. Jaya states he finished everything by making her take swear on Satya.

Samar pleads Jaya to break the wedding. Jaya states that she cannot break Dhruv’s trust. She asks him to leave.

Shanaya states to Samar that they have lost their love. Samar tells Shanaya that it is her time to make a sacrifice.

Nimmi and Dhruv come to Satya’s house for the mehendi ceremony. Jaya walks into the ceremony. Dhruv stares at Jaya.

Nimmi asks Jaya to put mehendi for Dhruv. Samar comes there with cops. He asks the cops to arrest Satya.

Samar states that Satya has kidnapped Shanaya. Dhruv gets worried about Shanaya. Jaya says Satya is not involved in Shanaya’s kidnapping.

Samar asks the cops to search Satya’s house. The cops get a mobile phone with blood stains in Satya’s shelf.

Samar says it is Samar’s phone. Satya says she doesn’t have any clue about the phone or Shanaya. Samar asks the cops to arrest Satya.

The cops arrest Satya. Samar recalls how he placed the phone in the house last night.

Jaya rebukes Samar for troubling Satya. Samar admits that he planned fake kidnapping of Shanaya to stop the wedding.

Dhruv overhears their conversation. He lashes out at Samar for his action. Samar questions Dhruv for stealing his wife and love. Dhruv slaps Samar.

Jaya stops Dhruv’s hand when he keeps on hitting Samar.

The written update of 11 March 2019 Mein Maayke Chali Jaayungi episode story ends.

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