Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Today’s Main Maike Chali Jaungi 12 Mar episode starts with Jaya stopping Dhruv from slapping Samar. Dhruv again raises hand on Samar. Samar stops him by saying that he was waiting for Jaya’s response.

Samar states that he will never let him marry his wife. Samar walks away. Dhruv questions Jaya if she cares about Samar. Jaya refuses.

Dhruv and Jaya come to meet Satya. Satya asks them to find Shanaya as soon as possible so that she can be proven innocent.

Satya gets sad on not learning that Jaya didn’t complete her mehendi ritual. Dhruv and Jaya are adamant to find Shanaya soon.

Jaya states that we will follow Samar so that we can trap him when he visits Shanaya.

In the morning, Samar and Jaya keep an eye on Samar and his activities. They fail to find Shanaya as Samar didn’t contact Shanaya the whole day.

Jaya says we will follow Samar tomorrow also.

They fail to find a clue the next day also. Samar taunts Jaya for following him.

Samar advises Jaya to stop the wedding and bring back Satya from the jail. The police inspector calls Samar and asks him to come over.

Samar gets shocked to see Satya out from the jail. He sees Shanaya in the police station. Shanaya tells Samar that she has told the police the entire truth.

Jaya comes and says that his plan has failed. Jaya narrated how she tracked Shanaya. Jaya says its Samar’s fault.

Satya files a complaint against Samar and her friends. Dhruv stops Satya and says he wants to have a word with Samar.

Dhruv asks Samar to apologize to Satya and end the chaos. He asks Samar not to interfere in his life ever.

The written update of 12 March 2019 Mein Maayke Chali Jaayungi episode story ends.

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