Makkana Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Makkana Malayalam Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Makana is one of the short films that attracted the attention of last year’s International Film Festival of India. Story, Screenplay, Dialog, Director She is a newcomer to the field. He is also a civil police officer at Ayyampuzha police station.

After the IFFI, Makana received an official selection at a film festival held in Chhattisgarh or another. Now, this week, a banner called Zuri Cinemas has hit the theaters in Kerala.

Makana was spotted around the same time as the Indian Panorama Exhibition at Inox, Panaji. As already mentioned, Makana was asked with great anticipation and curiosity as to how this short film was chosen alongside the big horns. But that hope only lasted a lifetime until the film began. McKenna was also an average in the entire IFFI and not in the Panorama category.

The film is a sincere effort. But the beginnings of the childhood of Rahim Qadar as a filmmaker and a scriptwriter have made Makena a purely amateur work. The quality of the film was not technically praiseworthy.

The filmmaker is focusing on the psychological tragedies of the heroine’s parents after their daughter’s departure, as she tries to problematize the romance, break-up, marriage and marriage of two cult heroines. Especially the father!

After working with his daughter’s Muslim youth, the working class of a lower middle class or a lower class is derailed by his father. It is here that Indrans Chett brings back extraordinary talent as an actor. Indrans is also the biggest highlight of the movie Makana.

The mother is in the role of Sajitha. They gave heavy support to Indrans Chetan. The two men have taken to the pilgrimage and tried to abandon their religious convictions along the way. Supporting cast include Santosh Keezhayur, Thesni Khan, Meenakshi Madhu and Sankranthi Naseer.

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