Film actress Manisha Koirala has done many strong films in her film career like Bombay, Dil Se, Agni Sakshi. Manisha, who made her debut in the blockbuster Saudagar in 1991, did many memorable films, for which she also received many awards and accolades. However, Manisha’s personal life has been painful and dramatic. He was addicted to drugs.

Manisha Koirala was described as a drug addict who allegedly caused her cancer. Since then, she kept herself away from the headlines and went for cancer treatment. And now, after recovering from the deadly disease, she has returned. But many people do not know that the actress had to undergo painful treatment to cure cancer.

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In an interview, Manisha revealed some shockingly important details during her treatment. In an interview, Manisha said, ‘When I first heard this news in Kathmandu, I was completely amazed. I couldn’t think of anything because I thought it would kill me. There have been incidents of cancer in my family, so it was not surprising. I went to visit my aunt in the United States, who was struggling with an early stage of breast cancer. ‘

However, when she came back to Mumbai, people started behaving strangely to her as she suspected that she might get cancer after touching her but Manisha did not lose her hope and strengthened her heart to face the circumstances which led to the door. Was to come at

Fighter Manisha survived that pain and also won the battle against cancer. She was giddy after treatment, but her family and friends’ moral support made her even stronger. Manisha is enjoying her life after surviving cancer. Manisha made her comeback to Bollywood with the film ‘Dear Maya’. Manisha appeared in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic as Ranbir Kapoor’s mother.


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