Manmohini 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini in palace tells her crew that her problems started again after 1 yr. Dayimaa says she has to discover a answer for this critical hassle then.. Vivian says he attempted all he knew, but failed did not study ancient book. Mohini says he’s a failure like continually and orders servants to carry Dadimaa. Servants convey Dadimaa gripped in chains. Vanraj applies antiseptic on Siya’s brow damage. His girlfriend enters and starts her drama again that she loves him and desires to marry him, however he is behind this lady. She tries to hit Siya when Vanraj stops her and says she is Kunwar rani saa. female friend is shocked to pay attention that and says chudail had killed kunwar ranisaa, which means she is a ghost. Raj jyotishji with Bindu enters and informs he stored Kunwar rani saa.

Vivian tortures Dadimaa and orders to read historic e-book. She says she can’t. Mallika yells it’s far higher Mohini kills this vintage woman. Mohini’s puppets back her. Mohini slaps her puppets and says she has saved old girl for a reason. Vanraj continues looking after Siya. Bindu says he need to let her move, else his lady friend will go away her. Siya opens eyes and seeing Vanraj touching her shouts who’s he and assaults him. Raj jyotish speaks and says he introduced her right here. Siya asks wherein is Ram. Vanraj says her Ram has became raavan now. Siya angrily stabs him and runs away shouting he is mendacity. Ram goals about Siya and their meeting in jungle and wakes up. He walks closer to door to meet her, however Mohini’s ghagra paltan puppets stop him. He pushes them and heads closer to door when Mohini stops him and says how will he cross crossing his wife. Ram strangulates her throat. Vivian and Mallika shout to leave her. Ram spares her and warns to dare now not forestall him. He walks towards door, but Mohini uses her black magic and he collapses. Ram is thrown returned on his bed.

Siya reaches Ram’s room and appears at him emotionally. Ram opens eyes and asks how did she come here, if someone noticed her. Siya says no. he takes her to jungle. She emotionally hugs him. He thinks appropriate she herself got here to him and molests her. She is taken aback and pushes him. He tears her dress sleeve.

Precap: Siya is greatly surprised seeing Ram molesting her. Ram forces himself on Siya.


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