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Ravan. Ram attacks him, however he overpowers Ram and trashes him. Siya gets concerned for Ram. Ram kicks him again. Vanraj assaults him again and is about to throw wood go browsing him while Siya pleads to spare her Ram. Ram senses possibility and hits Vanraj from behind. Vanraj collapses. Siya holds

Ram’s collar and shouts if he is in his senses. He drags her. Vanraj gets up. Siya choices axe and warns Ram to stay faraway from her. Ram warns Vanraj that their fight has now not ended and walks away. Siya worried seeing Vanraj’s head bleeding wipes it from her dupatta. Vanraj’s harm disappears. Siya is amused to look that. Vanraj says it become just a scratch and vanished. Siya asks why did he bear harm for him. Vanraj says they ought to depart from right here and then communicate.

Guards drag Dadimaa lower back to prison and ttie her to pillar. Dayimaa’s head is kept in hen cage. Dadimaa says that night, not only Durgeshwari’s frame was burnt, Ram and Siya’s relationship additionally burnt. Dayimaa says the whole lot is finished now. Dadimaa says no and reminisces seeing Ram and Siya’s call in historic book. Dayimaa prays god to guard Ram and Siya. Mohini gathers guards and asks where is Rana and kills all of them. faux Dayimaa asks her to govern herself in broken English. Rana returns. Mohini hugs him and asks wherein changed into he, how did he get injured and pulls him together with her to deal with his harm. Ram asks to leave her on my own.

Rana meets Vivian and asks him to find a woman he saw in jungle. Vivian asks what about Mohini. Rana says Mohini knows he’s handiest hers and could now not him taking part in with a few random lady, so he must move and find out who that girl became. Vivian informs Mohini in go back. Mohini says she wants to see who the female is and why Rana is so keen for that lady and the way ought to she input Rana’s room breaching the sort of big safety.

Precap: Mohini preserving Ram’s hand and last her eyes draw’s woman’s painting Rana saw in jungle and is greatly surprised to peer Siya’s p.c.

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Manmohini 11 April 2019
Manmohini 11th April 2019
Manmohini 11 April
Manmohini 11th April


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