Manmohini 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vanraj takes Siya lower back to Raj jyotishji’s area. Bindu yells it is ideal that Siya went faraway from their residence, she is a huge hassle for them, etc. Siya receives disheartened hearing that. Her daughter Kajri joins her and says she is right. Vanraj holds Siya’s hand and takes her in. In palace, fake Dayimaa provokes Mohini that she made Ram an evil Rana to control him, however he has long gone out of manipulate and is using her simply to meet his lust. She continues frightening Mohini and says now Rana is at the back of every other female.

Siya continues protecting Ram/Rana in the front of Raj jyotishji and Vanraj. Raj jyotishji starts tale whilst Mohini buries Siya in a coffin alive. He searches her and calls Vanraj. Vanraj emerges and getting his sharp lion nails digs floor till they discover Siya’s coffin. They pull out coffin and open it. Vanraj checks Siya’s pulse and says she is alive. they convey her to Raj jyotishji’s residence and deal with her. Siya thanks them for saving her existence and says her Rana is possessed with the aid of Mohini’s black magic and can not be so evil, she will be able to visit him and confront him. Raj jyotishji says she cannot enter palace without Mohini’s permission and best her Ghagra paltan team and her near aides can enter it.

Rana orders Vivian to deliver all of the girls gift round Behramgarh. Vivian brings a few girls. Rana assessments them and shouts the lady he’s looking isn’t among them and orders to send returned these kind of women and discover the one he’s looking. Mohini walks to him and tries to calm him down with her sensuous act. He asks her if she can marry him. She stands silently.

Vanraj fumes that he’ll kill Mohini and give up all of the problems at once. Raj jyotishji says Mohini has emerge as very effective and no one can touch her, simplest way is only god can quit her. Vanraj says Rana killed his sister to satisfy his lust and he couldn’t do some thing.

Mohini tells Rana that she will preserve his hand and when he imagines woman’s picture in his thoughts, she can draw her percent ultimate her eyes. She starts offevolved drawing image and stands stunned when she completes it.

Precap: Mohini is greatly surprised to see herself drawing Siya’s portray..


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