Manmohini 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Infantrymen tell rani that Rana Bhanuprataph went lacking on the way and they doubt enemy has abducted him. Rajeshwari orders them to find out Ranasaa soon and herself receives prepared to move on a search pulling her sword. Dayimaa stops her and says she is pregnant and has to take care of herself. Mohini tells Siya that they concept Ranasaa is below enemy’s grip, but did no longer know he became together with her for 1 month. After 1 month, Raj Purohit asks Rajeshwari to take over Behramgarh’s crown as Rana Bhanuprataph might not go back. Rajeshwari warns him and says Rana saa will return for sure. Rana Bhanuprataph enters safely. Rajeshwari emotionally runs and hugs him and asks wher became he for 1 month. Mohini enters and says Rana saa become along with her. Dayimaa receives angry listening to that and warns Mohini that she will end her for daring to eye on Ranasaa. Rana Bhanuprataph stops her and says Mohini stored her existence and he’s alive due to her. Dayimaa asks Mohini wherein did she keep Ranasaa for 1 month. Mohini says in a jungle hut as enemies were at the back of them. Rana Bhanuprataph warns anyone to admire Mohini rather for saving his life. Mohini gets glad thinking her plan is operating.

Next day, Rani Rajeshwari with Dayimaa meets Mohini’s ghagra paltan group and attempts to the touch Mohini’s toes. Dayimaa stops her and warns that a queen can’t contact dancer’s toes. Rajeshwari says Mohini saved her husband and her infant’s father and desires to thank her for her want. She gives earrings identical to Mohini’s weight or even offers her mom’s ultimate gifted necklace. Mohini stops her and asks her anklets as an alternative. Dayimaa receives greater angry and preserving knife on her neck asks if she knows what is she asking. Rajeshwari says a suhaagan has 7 jewels and naming each says anklet is one in all it, so she can’t deliver it. She breaks Mohini’s ghungroo instead and says she will be able to come and live in her palace now with satisfaction. Mohini smirks seeing her plan working even as Dayimaa angrily fumes seeing Mohini’s cunning nature.

Rana Bhanuprataph meets Mohini at night time and guarantees that he’s going to guard her whole existence or even after his lifestyles. Mohini says she wants to make an vital statement and says at the same time as he turned into together with her for 1 month, he got intimate with her in a subconscious kingdom and she or he is pregnant with his infant now. Rana Bhanuprataph is amused to pay attention that.

Precap: Rana Bhanuprataph brings Mohini to his palace.


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