Manmohini 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Durga Dayimaa ties chudail to a tree and keeps devimaa’s idol in front of her. Chudail shouts in ache and disintegrates into ashes. Mohini brings Siya there and suggests how Durga Dayimaa were given her head tonsured. Her ghagra paltan team provokes her to identify her inner power and become desert bride/ret ki dulhan. soldiers drag Mohini to desolate tract. Dayimaa reaches there and says she warned now not to interfere among Rana saa and Rani saa, now she will repent for her sin and may be left to die in desolate tract. once all of them depart, Mohini does black magic and prays ret ke raja to gift her bhura jaadoo/gray magic. Her team indicates her to sacrifice her human frame before hawks kill her and grow to be chudail. Mohini cuts rope and frees her hand. team indicates to slit her throat and sacrifice herself if she wants to get Ranasaa. Mohini slits h er throat and falls down. Her blood falls on wilderness. Siya is bowled over to look that and confronts Mohini that she grow to be chudail with her desire and sacrificed her existence for bhura jaadoo. Mohini becomes chudail and flying in air thinks no person can forestall her from getting Rana saa, she is reti ki dulha, rann ki rani, bhure jadoo ki mallika. She keeps that she is going to snatch her proper from Rajeshwari, Rana saa is only hers.

In palace, Durga Dayimaa informs Rana Bhanuprataph and Rajeshwari what she did. Rajeshwari says she did wrong by means of burning chudail and punishing Mohini; because of wrong rituals, many ladies have already sacrificed tgheir lives. Rana Bhanuprataph tells Durga Dayimaa that she did wrong as Mohini loves him and wanted to be with him. Dayimaa says Mohini desired to be with a king and live lavish lifestyles and now not just Bhanuprataph; if she had cherished Rana saa actually, she might have spared her. Rajeshwari says if Mohini really loves Rana saa, she will be able to attempt to get him for positive at any cost. Rana Bhanuprataph says he has to bear punishment for Dayimaa’s sins. Mohini further takes Siya wherein Rana Bhanuprataph lashes himself reminiscing promises made to Mohini that he will guard her complete existence. Dayimaa stops him. He says he’s Mohini’s responsible and desires to recognize what befell whilst he was with Mohini for 1 month.

Mohini asks Siya to hold her hand and go back again to her international. Siya says she can no longer go until she unearths out Mohini’s truth. Raj jyotish keeps hand on Rana Bhanuprataph’s head and takes him to past in which he sees Mohini rescuing him from enemies and taking him to jungle where chudail emerges and asks Mohini why did she save Rana saa to go back him to Rajeshwari and attempts to assault Rana Bhanuprataph. Mohini stops her and warns to live faraway from Rana saa. Chudail says she will be able to injure Rana saa and it’s going to take 1 month to heal, until then she will make her region in Rana saa’s coronary heart. Mohini concurs. Chudail pierces her nails in Rana Bhanuprataph’s body. Out of flashback, Rana Bhanuprataph is greatly surprised to look Mohini’s real aim. Dayimaa tells him that Mohini wishes his wealth. Siya confronts Mohini that she is so egocentric. Mohini confesses that she desires to stay a lavish existence.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Rana Bhanuprataph tells Dayimaa that even as sitting in pooja he sensed Rajeshwari’s life is in danger. Mohini factors sword at Rajeshwari.


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