Manmohini 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rana that she supposes painting is finished and let her see her identity. Before she could see painting, Rana ruins it with dark ink. Mohini yells for what reason did he do that, they ought to have discovered the young lady together. Rana holds her neck and cautions her to avoid that young lady and leaves. Counterfeit Dayimaa insults Mohini. Mohini says Rana did not lie her in 1 year, yet today he accomplished for a young lady; she was not apprehensive till now as Ram cherished just her and utilized young ladies for simply desire, she needs to discover that young lady and completion her before Ram escapes her control.

Siya keeps running towards Ram’s haveli calling him. Rana leaves haveli to look through her. Mohini strolls behind him. Exactly when Siya is going to meet Ram when Vanraj comes to there and holds her, closing her mouth. Rana faculties Siya around him and frenzies. Mohini sees that and asks whom he is looking. He holds her tight and says just her, he can’t think any other individual aside from her. He lifts and conveys her. Siya’s tear fall on ground seeing that. Mohini faculties it and requests that Rana drop her down. Rana drops her and she goes scanning for the flag she detected a little while ago, however does not discover anybody. Rana supposes he needs to keep Mohini occupied with his adoration and find that young lady soon.

Vanraj takes Siya approach to wilderness and liberates her. Siya yells at him that her Ram was stuck in an unfortunate situation and Vanraj did not release her. Vanraj defies her that Ram is underhanded Rana now and simply yearning her. Siya proceeds with her uneven track. Vanraj returns home. Kajri and Bindu celebrate seeing him returning alone and move that Siya is out of their lives. Siya enters. Bindu with her visually impaired eyes holds her and keeps cheering reasoning her as Kajri. Kajri signals her. Siya strolls to her and cries thinking back Ram attempting to attack her. Lambi judaiii… .melody… plays out of sight.

Counterfeit Devki Dayimaa appreciates grapes lazing on lounge chair. Mohini enters and reprimands her. Town women enter adulating Devki. Mohini exhaust hearing that. Women express gratitude toward Devki for giving them a chance to perform Ghangor pooja. Mohini gets progressively desirous hearing that.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini Episode Update: Fake Devki Dayii reveals to Mohini that if entire Behramgarh ladies go to pooja, even that young lady/Siya will visit, she will get her that young lady. Rana hears them.


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