Manmohini 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Siya describes Mann how evil was destroyed by goodness. Mann says even he’s going to quit evil. Shadow hears their communique. Siya senses a person in the back of her. Ram asks Maya and Jhumri if every body tied rakhi to him and were given items. They nod sure. An obese woman Dolly enters doing drama forcefully and ties rakhi to Ram and takes present. She sees laddoo in Mann’s hand and attempts to snatch it, then asks get bowl complete of milk for her. Maya offers her milk and she or he gulps it in 1 cross. Mann asks Siya who is this Putna who drank milk herself in preference to giving it to children. Siya asks no longer to mention that. Dolly falls down. Mallika falls down shouting earth quake. Bindu says an obese female has come to tie rakhi to Ram. Dayimaa asks Dolly to go now. Dolly say she will stay right here and pleads Ram to let her live right here as she lost her entire family and doesn’t have any area to live. Dayimaa warns dare not to think about staying right here. Dolly says she becomes Mann’s caretaker. She lures Mann playing with him. Dayimaa thinks its an excellent manner to keep Mann faraway from Siya. Siya sees Dolly teaching exact morales to Mann and says she may be Mann’s caretaker from hereon.

Mallika in her common overacting warns Dolly to not permit Mann near Siya, else Ram and Siya will no longer consummate and will no longer supply her a grandchild. Ram walks to Siya’s room. Siya asks if Khajoor got here back. He asks how does she experience continually that he came. She says via his scent. He says he is worn-out after rakshabandhan rituals. She pulls rakhi and jokes his sisters get extra items than her, so she will be able to tie rakhi to him. He laughs.

Mann is slumbering when Dolly enters his room. He opens eyes and asks to sleep quickly, else he will visit rasgulla. She strangulates and kills him. Siya hears Mann’s voice and asks Ram if he heard any sound. He says no. Dolly rejoices announcing pandit advised boy is evil child and could damage her, but she killed him with naked hands so without difficulty, she will get large gift now and could get away from right here. Mann wakes up with evil purple eyes and calls Dolly. Dolly gets afraid seeing him alive.

Precap: Manmohini and Guddan Tumse Na Hopayega serials’ combined episode on nineteenth August every so often of Janmastami.


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