Manmohini 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ram holds him, however nothing transpires. Poojari is flabbergasted to see that. Ram lifts Mann and is going to enter sanctuary when Siya stops him and says let Mann play outside and sends him away with Jhumri. Mann leaves smiling at Poojari. Dayimaa hangs tight for Ram and Siya to return and expectations malevolence powers disappear in sanctuary itself. Ram and Siya return. Dayimaa inquires as to whether they performed pooja well.

Ram says no, Mann..seeing women hanging tight for him to attach rakhi requests to begin custom. Dayimaa asks Jhumri what occurred in sanctuary. Jhumri illuminates that Mann did not enter sanctuary and stood up to. Dayimaa thinks a little child is upsetting so much, she needs to accomplish something. Mann strolls to her and terrifies to set out not inconvenience him, else she will be in a difficult situation, demonstrating his underhanded structure. Dayimaa yells in dread and supposes she needs to figure out how to stop him.

Poojari in sanctuary blows up saying abhorrent kid was going to enter sanctuary, yet Siya spared him on schedule; on the off chance that he had entered sanctuary, he would have consumed because of Shivling’s capacity; that malice young men is extremely smart. His associate says he is more clever than shrewdness kid and will drag him from sanctuary. Poojari says he has other approach to end abhorrent kid and gives a toxic substance container to a woman and requests to blend it in abhorrence kid’s blood and ensure it doesn’t blend in human blood, else it will move toward becoming toxic substance once more.

Siya encourages sustenance to Mann and asks how is it. He says it is delicious. She says she set it up. Maya illuminates that janmastami pooja plans are made. Mann asks what is janmastami. Siya portrays its story and how Krishna finished Putna and finished abhorrence. She says whoever finishes fiendishness resembles god. Mann says he will slaughter disasters. Shadow hears him and Siya faculties somebody behind her.

Precap: Lady applies poison on her nails and strangulates Mann.


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