Manmohini 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ram inquires as to whether everybody attached rakhi to him and got endowments. They gesture yes. A large woman Dolly enters doing show powerfully and attaches rakhi to Ram and takes blessing. She sees laddoo in Mann’s grasp and attempts to grab it, at that point approaches get bowl loaded with milk for her.

Maya gives her milk and she swallows it in 1 go. Mann asks Siya who is this Putna who drank milk herself as opposed to offering it to youngsters. Siya asks not to say that. Dolly tumbles down. Mallika tumbles down yelling earth tremor. Bindu says a fat woman has come to attach rakhi to Ram. Dayimaa requests that Dolly go now.

Dolly state she will remain here and argues Ram to let her stay here as she lost her entire family and doesn’t have wherever to remain. Dayimaa cautions dare not to consider remaining here. Dolly says she will end up being Mann’s overseer. She baits Mann playing with him. Dayimaa figures its a decent method to ward off Mann from Siya. Siya sees Dolly showing positive outlooks to Mann and says she can be Mann’s overseer from hereon.

Mallika in her typical exaggerating cautions Dolly to not give Mann a chance to close Siya, else Ram and Siya won’t consummate and won’t give her a grandkid. Ram strolls to Siya’s room. Siya inquires as to whether Khajoor returned. He asks how can she sense consistently that he came. She says by means of his smell. He says he is worn out after rakshabandhan customs. She pulls rakhi and jokes his sisters get a larger number of endowments than her, so she will attach rakhi to him. He chuckles.

Mann is sound snoozing when Dolly goes into his room. He opens eyes and requests to rest soon, else he will go to rasgulla. She strangulates and murders him. Siya hears Mann’s voice and inquires as to whether he heard any stable. He says no. Dolly celebrates saying pandit told kid is abhorrent youngster and will hurt her, yet she slaughtered him with exposed hands so effectively, she will get tremendous blessing now and will escape from here. Mann awakens with underhandedness red eyes and calls Dolly. Dolly gets apprehensive seeing him alive.

Precap: Manmohini and Guddan Tumse Na Hopayega serials’ consolidated scene on nineteenth August once in a while of Janmastami.


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