Manmohini 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vanraj says he simply needs to get back his significant other. Mohini says he will have a shock soon and leaves. Vanraj thinks this chudail is thinking carefully excessively. Mohini brings Bindu and Jhumri home, thinking back Kali recommending to call Vanraj’s family on the off chance that she needs to know truth. Kali says thanks to her for calling Vanraj’s family and now she will know truth.

Bindu asks Vanraj to stop show and take his significant other Kali from here. Kali asks Bindu what is she telling. Mohini stops her and says Kali won’t go before Vanraj and Kali’s wedding. Kali asks Bindu for what reason did she lie. Bindu leaves with Jhumri quietly. Vanraj smiles thinking back hearing Kali and Mohini’s discussion and compromises Bindu and Jhumri to slaughter them on the off chance that they don’t lie.

Mohini strolls thinking back Vanraj’s anxiety and Kali’s disdain for Vanraj and considers knowing truth. She faculties Vanraj close-by and vanishes. Vanraj keeps his hand on sword unintentionally and harms it however mends in a flash. When he leaves, Mohini returns and tasting Vanraj’s blood acknowledges he is half human and half creature, that implies Raj Jyotish did not slaughter his reviled child. She feels feeble and considers meeting Rana. She strolls towards front room and sees Vanraj and Rana sword battling and Vanraj overwhelming Rana. She turns Vanraj’s sword on himself.

Rana argues to save Vanraj as they were simply rehearsing, Vanraj isn’t an adversary. Mohini says no one knows when a companion moves toward becoming foe. Vanraj thinks chudail is questioning him. Mohini says she needs to address Rana. Rana strolls with her and inquires as to whether they can discuss his opportunity. Mohini says she is feeling feeble and they can talk later. Rana leaves. She feels seriously sick and utilizing her dark mystical forces discovers that she brought about chudail rog and got it by means of Vanraj’s blood. She regurgitates blood and supposes she needs to expel Vanraj blood totally from her body soon and execute him.

Precap: Vanraj discloses to Kali that they will go from ehre and begin another life. Kali says they will end their past and cuts Vanraj more than once.


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