Manmohini 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini says if Siya murders her, she won’t know where Rana is. Siya asks what she needs. Mohini says Rana is her affection. Siya says Ram is her better half and life. Their contention begins. Siya says Mohini never cherished Ram, else she would not have thought of slaughtering Ram, yet now circumstance has changed.

Mohini says she cherishes Rana since 500 years. Siya says she can’t take Ram’s name from her mouth, at that point what sort of adoration she does. Their contention proceeds. Mohini says she will tell where Rana is just on the off chance that she consents to offer Rana to her today around evening time.

Siya furiously lifts trishul once more. Dayimaa requests to kill Mohini as she won’t uncover where Rana seems to be. Mohini says Rana is in her room. Siya says he isn’t there. Mohini says he can proceed to check now. Siya draws a sacred fiery remains hover around Mohini and leaves asking Jhumri to watch out for Mohini.

Siya strolls into Mohini’s room and sees Rana dozing on bed. She gets passionate. A sentimental ghazal plays out of sight. Dayimaa and Bindu stroll in straightaway. Mohini incites Jhumri portraying how she executed Vanraj. Jhumri attempts to hit her with a wooden stick. Mohini holds it and pushes her towards column. Jhumri hits column and falls oblivious. Heavenly fiery debris vanishes. Mohini hits even Maya and leaves saying just 5 hours are left for red moon and she will rejoin with Rana.

Siya checks Rana and discovers him pulseless without heart beat. She cries noisily. Dayimaa says Rana’s spirit isn’t here and Mohini deceived them once more. Siya yells Mohini…

Precap: Siya says on the off chance that Mohini needs to isolate her fro Ram, at that point moon won’t show up today around evening time by any stretch of the imagination.


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