Manmohini 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Mohini lifts Siya’s veil and is shocked to see Vivian disguised as Siya instead. Vivian pleads not to kill him as he is always on her side; reminisces Siya seeking his help, Mallika opposing it and he scolding her not to interfere as he can go to any extent to help his family. Siya thanks him and assures nothing will happen to him. Out of flashback, Mohini strangulates Vivian and asks where is sautan Siya. She then via black magic turns Vivian into the old man and disappears with him.

In the temple, Ram performs pooja. Siya hugs him and asks him to believe her. He asks for what. She says Dayimaa did not try to kill her, it was Mohini who forced Dayimaa as Mohini is a chudail. She gives him proof that chudail cannot withstand salt and will dance till Ravan hatha musical instrument is played; she would have asked 7 times before entering Ram’s house. Ram reminisces incident and says yes. Siya continues giving him the evidence. Ram says he will not spare Mohini as she tried to harm his wife being in his house. Siya says only vajra/weapon made out of Rana Bhanupratap’s bones can kill Mohini and only he can use that vajra, so he has to get it from old shiv temple. Ram agrees.

Mohini takes Vivian to Dayimaa. Vivian pleads Dayimaa to save her. She asks who is this old man. Mohini says he is Vivian who was trying to help sautan, so she snatched his youth. She continues that sautan did wrong by informing Rana saa about her, she will not spare her now and shows her real evil face. Vivian gets more afraid.

Siya continues convincing Ram that they have a responsibility of protecting Behramgarh citizens and he has to get vajra from old Shiv temple to kill Mohini. A romantic song plays while Ram looks into Siya’s eyes emotionally. Siya then lifts Trishul and secret underground way out opens. She asks Ram to return soon as she will wait for him. He asks her not to get out of temple until he returns and walks away.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Manmohini episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Manmohini episode update Ram drives jeep towards temple and hopes for Siya’s safety till he returns. Mallika blames Siya for Vivan’s missing. Siya walks out of temple apologizing Ram for breaking her promise.


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