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Siya is shocked to see her duplicate with Ram, feeding cake to him. She realizes it’s miles Chudail and walks closer to her saying Chudail will now not be spared today. Ram continuing his romance with Chudail is going apart to get something. Siya walks to her and says she delivered her to give up by means of coming close to Ram, Siya is Ram’s reality and Chudail is a trick and doe snot has any proper on Ram or his gifts. She snatches the necklace from Chudail.

Chudail laughs and disappears. Ram returns to her. Siya says Dayimaa did now not want to kill her. Ram shouts she nevertheless worried approximately Dayimaa, what he does, she does not care. He walks away angrily while Siya attempts to prevent him. Chudail Mohini from balcony laughs on Siya. Siya challenges her to come in the front and show her real face. Mohini goes to Dayimaa’s head and torturing her asks what did she supply Siya that Siya is very confident now. Dayimaa says Siya has the strength of Ram’s love, whatever Chudail does, Siya will catch Chudail quickly. Mohini orders her ghagra Paltan group to maintain an eye fixed on Siya and tell her each movement.

Siya over phone speaks to a person explaining the situation is going out of manage and Ram does no longer need to listen to her, so she wishes him/her to return right here soon. She senses a person behind her and turns. Ghagra paltan team spying her disappears. Siya thinks why she feels a person is following her. She walks into her room and sees Ram there. Ram angrily goes to the mattress. Dayimaa does not see Mohini and her crew and releasing head rushes toward haveli to tell Siya entire story. In haveli, Siya performs Acha ji mai haari…tune..and attempts to loosen up Ram. Ram acts indignant at first, however then calms down and says her music desire turned into antique, he will play new music. Dayimaa reaches till Siya’s room and knocks door calling her. Siya hears her voice and pushing Ram aside opens the door, but sees Mohini rather. She asks Mohini if she heard Dayimaa’s voice.

Mohini says no and walks retaining a bag (with Dayimaa’s head in. Siya stops her and asks what’s in this bag. Mohini nervously says nothing. Siya forcefully takes a bag and sees watermelon in preference to head. Mohini says gardener gave it and he or she changed into going to keep it. Siya asks why she is apprehensive then. Mohini turns again. Siya stops her seeing blood on the ground and asks what is this colour. Mohini says cut watermelon juice, she will be able to lean it right now and walks away.

Mohini takes Dayimaa’s head returned to her disguise out and doing away with watermelon pieces and then head yells at Dayimaa that she will be able to now not budge even after her being beheaded. Dayimaa says she can do something, however, she will now not allow her to plan prevail. Mohini calls her ghagra Paltan group member Mithiya, beheads her, and then disappears her head. She tells Dayimaa that she will use Dayimaa’s head on Mithila’s body and could no longer permit her to use her brain.

Precap:- Siya draws rangoli and writing Moti, Heera, Neelam thinks what Dayimaa desires to explain. Ram runs on it spoiling Rangoli. Siya is taken aback to peer Mohini written and realizes Mohini is Chudail.

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