Manmohini 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini insists Siya to accompany her. Siya resists. Mallika yells at Siya to go with Mohini to save Vivian. Mohini tortures Siya and drags her alongside.

Dadimaa pleads Mohini no longer to take Siya away. Mallika yells she is a seventy five-year-old grandma and can not combat with chudail. She then goes to kitchen to put together soup for her 80-12 months-vintage son and prepares it yelling.

Mohini takes Siya to a floor wherein sindhoor bottle hidden surajmukhi flower is and asks her to get it. Siya walks towards flower when a lathi/wood stick hits Mohini. Mohini is bowled over and asks who is it. Durga Dayi emerges as yakshini/evil and keeps punishing Mohini.

Siya identifies her and asks how did she become yakshini. Durga Dayi says she is punished for not following her promise of protecting Rani Durgeshwari and reminisces

how chudail Mohini carried out her for now not following promise. Mohini asks her to punish Siya as she is the offender. Durga Dayi throws lathi on Siya. Siya holds it.

Durga walks to her snatches lathi. Siya pleads Durga Dayi to offer her sindoor bottle hidden in surajmukhi and she can free her from her curse. Durga Dayi says she is taking part in being yakshini and might guard Durgeshwari’s 7 elements forever.

Siya pleads her to give her sindhoor bottle hidden surajmukhi flower as she has solved first puzzle and needs all 7 elements to shop her husband. Durga Dayi says she has to pass her test first. Siya has the same opinion. Durga Dayi creates fire ball and asks Siya to devour it. Mohini provokes Siya to devour it.

Siya consumes it and falls down. Durga Dayi laughs that no person can tolerate it. Siya receives up and says it was candy.

Durga Dayi smiles and says for proper fanatics, it’s far candy and he or she desired to test if her love is also faux like chudail Mohini. Siya requests her once more to present flower. Durga Dayi arms over her flower and says she is doing a mistake. Siya asks what’s it.

Mohini stops Siya and takes her away, wondering once all 7 puzzles are solved she can be out of Behramgarh’s border for all time.

Mohini takes Siya again to haveli. Siya offers her sindhoor bottle and asks therapy Ram. Ram’s stone idols’s eyes turn normal. Siya emotionally runs closer to Ram’s idol.

Mohini stops her maintaining her neck and says she must focus on solving puzzles in preference to romancing. Asuwon ko behne do akhiyon ke…song..plays inside the historical past…Mohini disappears with Siya again and heads closer to next puzzle.

Precap: Mohini takes Siya to clear up next puzzle and displaying snake nest asks to get her snake. Siya asks how can she. Mohini gives her boiling water and asks to pour into nest, snakes will come out themselves


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