Manmohini 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raj Jyotishji tells Siya that no person knows how did Mohini turn Kunwarsaa/Ram’s goodness into evil, it is a large mystery. On the alternative facet, DK/Mithiya reminds Mohini that she has Ranasaa’s goodness. She goes into flashback in which Mohini extracts Ram’s goodness while DK/Mithiya enters and snatches it. Mohini shouts in anger. DK says she beheaded her and stuck antique devaki/DK’s? head on her younger body. Mohini warns not to debris her, else she will be able to wreck her body and reveals that she herself is retaining Ram far from here until pink moon night. She suggests coffin and says sautan’s deadbody remains in it and if Mithiya tries to behave oversmart, she will be able to destroy Mithiya for positive. Mithiya/DK gets afraid and thinks of no longer messing up with Mohini, however thinks if Siya is alive, whose useless frame is in coffin.

Bindu well-knownshows Siya that she sacrificed her daughter to store Siya and exchanged her daughter’s useless body with Siya’s. Kajri says this family sacrificed their loved daughter to fulfill Mohini’s starvation and Rana/Ram’s lust. Siya thanks Bindu for her sacrifice. Their drama continues after they listen a lady pleading Rana/Ram to spare her. Vanraj says he will now not spare Rana these days and walks in the direction of door, however his parents stop him. He receives adamant, in order that they depart him.

Rana catches a woman and time and again asks who is she. Afraid girl pleads him to permit her cross. Vanraaj status a long way away throws a knife towards Rana. Siya enters and holds knife and asks Rana to permit the girl move. Rana spares female and walks towards Siya pronouncing he was looking her and tries to molest her. Siya stabs knife into Rana’s thigh announcing he can not be her Ram as her Ram never misbehaves with a lady. Rana continues on foot in the direction of her. She again and again stabs him reminiscing the romantic moments they spent collectively. Ram collapses seriously injured. Vanraj comes in the front and asks Siya to kill Rana without delay, else he will kill him..

Precap Upcoming Manmohini Episode Update: Siya requests Vanraj to become her guru to fight towards chudail Mohini. Vanraj concurs.


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