Manmohini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Manmohini 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Manmohini full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Mohini tells Dayimaaa that Dayimaa’s head will be on Mithiya’s body and she will not be able to use her brain or act at all with her wish. Dayimaa gets a body and tries hard to move her body, but cannot. Mohini taunts her and says Dayimaa cannot do anything. She creates dog belt via magic and fixes it around Dayimaa.

He says even she spoilt his romantic mood last night and jobs towards his room. Siya is shocked to see Mohini on spoilt rangoli and realizes Dayimaa was trying to explain her this. Mohini walks towards her, but Siya rushes to her room tensed.

Siya walks to her room and reminisces Dayimaa giving necklace and asking to look at it whenever she remembers her. She realizes Dayimaa’s signal and panics reminiscing Mohini trying to lure Ram, trying to allege Dayimaa, and rest of the incidents.

Precap: Manmohini 22 February 2019 Written Update Siya walks towards Mohini. Dayimaa shouts not to reveal that she knows Mohini is chudail, else Mohini will spoil everything.


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