Manmohini 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini receives afraid seeing massive snake rising from snake nest. Siya asks her not to worry as snake is their own family diety and has continually covered them. Durga Dayi praises that Siya did not get fearful of snake and even did not damage it, so she will be able to take forehead rings from snake. Siya takes it. Mohini smirks and takes her lower back to haveli. Siya maintains brow rings into a container with sindhoor bottle. Ram stone head turns human. Siya receives glad due to the fact and picks aarti food thali for him. Ram warns her against Mohini that there may be no curse on Mohini and he or she is up to something. Mohini throws thali and dances that they’re romancing, but they don’t recognize that best she will be able to win. Dadima brings meals thali again. Siya feeds Ram. Mohini scoffs it’s far waste to feed a stone. Siya says that is the difference among them. Mallika on Mohini’s order mops ground yelling that she become higher as a fashion dressmaker in US. Vivian calls her mom and asks to get him something to devour. She yells he is of her grandfatehr’s age now and even if she brings food, how will he eat.

Mohini takes Siya to her secret region and indicates first part of 3rd puzzle. Mohini reads it and realizes it’s far mogra flower’s gajra/flower. Puzzle solves. Mohini praises her and suggests 2d component. Siya solves it as and old flower tree and thinks wherein is flower tree in this barren region location. She reminisces gambling tennis with Ram close to an vintage tree and whilst rocket falls on tree Ram asks Dayimaa to get it reduce. Dayimaa says this tee become very beneficial sometime in the past and considering that it’s far vintage now, they cannot reduce it. She walks near tree and thinks where she can find mogra flower gajra here. Dayimaa emerges put on plant life on tree and asks what befell now. Mohini says Siya is searching mogra gajra, hep her. Dayimaa emerges in front of Siya subsequent.

Ram in palace asks Dadimaa to give an explanation for Siya that Mohini is misguiding her and is as much as some thing. Dadimaa says she senses upcoming problem. Raj Jyotishya enters and says doubt is right. Durga dayi suggests Siya to dig a ground in front of tree. Siya digs and finds a container. She picks it and finds mogra flower in it. Mohini praises her and says she did no longer scent mogra considering 500 years. Durga Dayi warns Siya that Mohini is fooling her.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Siya receives involved seeing no exchange in Ram after solving 3rd puzzle. Raj Jyotish asks if she definitely solved third puzzle.


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