Manmohini 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Siya gets out of hearth black as kalimaa. Vanraj asks how is she back alive from fireplace. Raj Jyotish ji says with protective thread tied on Siya’s hand which had 8 knots and now after defensive Siya only 6 knots left. He asks Vanraj if he is aware of why Siya became black like kalimaa. Vanraj says nobody will discover Siya now. Siya says now she will input Mohini’s palace, but why could Mohini allow an unknown man or woman live in her palace. Vanraj says she can input as nazar bhattu; Mohini is a 500-12 months-antique chudail and needs a young female’s blood plus dry tree in palace garden that’s nazar bhattu to maintain herself young, so if dry tree prospers and receives lower back green once more, Mohini can’t use it as nazar bhattu and she can be forced to use Siya as nazar bhattu. Siya says she can water that antique tree and relive it. Raj Jyotish ji says it wishes unique water from a lake in jungle that is surround with the aid of evil spirits and nobody returned again after going there. Vanraj says he will guide Siya. Raj Jyotish ji says she should cross there without all of us noticing her footsteps or maybe breath.

Mohini looks herself into replicate and says she is the maximum lovely female int he global. DK helplessly nods sure. Mohini says she will go to Rana and trap him. once she leaves, DK yells this chudail considers herself as stunning, already he taught her a lesson and now he’ll kick her out. Mohini walks into Rana’s room and hugs him. He pushes her away. She then dances sensuously on a romantic music attempts to lure him, however he puhess her away.

Raj Jyotish ji warns Vanraj not to accompany Siya, else he’ll turn into lion completely and can not end up human again. He tells Siya that Vanraj will drop her outside jungle after which she has to head herself in and get water. Vanraj courses Siya into jungle and shall we her move in in addition. She walks close to dry nicely after which sooner or later close to lake and fetches water.

Precap: After Siya waters antique tree and relives it, Mohini turns into vintage ugly chudail.
Ram hugs Siya in jungle.


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