Manmohini 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vanraj is seen concealing Jhumri in kitchen cupboard. He comes back to Kali and applying haldi on her cheeks cautions that he doesn’t care for her going close Ram and on the off chance that she does it once more, he will murder Jhumri. Kali strolls to Rana and asks how might he see a more unusual contacting her. Rana says Vanraj is her better half and he has appropriate to contact her.

Rana leaves. Fire gets in Kali’s room. She calls Rana for assistance. Rana enters and seeing Kali stuck in flame calls her Siya and breakdown. Mohini enters and setting off flame requests that Kali leave. She leaves. Mohini then takes a gander at Rana and supposes he never releases him close to her, however lets Kali. Rana awakens calling Siya. Mohini asks what did he say. He says he called Siya rather than Kali when he went to spare her, who is Siya. Mohini says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. When Rana leaves, Mohini supposes she needs to discover why Rana took Siya’s name, he destroyed all her penance made for him.

Kali speaks with Bindu, Dayimaa, and Maya and says they have to do whatever they can and should discover where Vanraj has concealed Jhumri as they looked through entire castle and couldn’t discover her. When they leave, Vanraj enters and calls Kali as Smt. Siyia Vanraj Singh. Kali says she is consistently Smt. Siya Ram Singh Sisodia and forcef connections consistently come up short. Vanraj challenges that she will apply his sindoor and acknowledge her. Kali challenges that she will execute him and afterward return to her Ram for eternity.

Precap: Vanraj asks mehandiwali to compose his name on Kali’s hand. Mehandiwali says she is uneducated. Vanraj requests that Rana right Vanraj on Kali’s hand.


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