Manmohini 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Durga Dayi warns insani chudail/Siya that Mohini chudail is fooling her and trying to misuse her situation. Mohini nervously warns Durga Dayi no longer to create doubt in her sautan’s mind and disappears with Siya. Siya preparing gajra from plant life reminisces seeing no trade in Ram’s idol and Raj Jyotishji telling her third puzzle ought to no longer be entire. Out of flashback, Siya tries to put together gajra from thread and thread breaks. She rechants puzzle and realizes she has to prepare gajra from her hair strands. She does identical and solves puzzle. Ram’s frame until waste turns back to nromal from stone. He rejoices and asks Siya to hug him. She does. A romantic track..plays in the history. Mohini thinks their romance will quit soon as soon as she receives what she wants. She orders her Maya and Madira to pour warm water on Ram. They do same. Ram shouts in pain. Siya pleads Mohini to spare her husband and whilst she does no longer tries to slap her.

Mohini holds her hand and says she did a mistake closing and her husband is struggling now, if she does it again, she knows what’s going to take place to her husband. Siya bends and pleads. Ram asks her no longer to do that. Maya and Madira keep pouring warm water on him on Mohini’s order. Siya falls on Mohini’s ft and pleads. Mohini orders Maya and Madira to prevent and asks Siya to relaxation now as she has to remedy 4th puzzle day after today. Ram and Siya get emotional once more.
Mallika complete cooking food blabbers that Mohini is jealous of her beauty, so she is troubling her. She turns and receives tensed seeing Mohini at the back of her. Mohini asks if she is so stunning, then she need to be understanding dance and orders her to dance for her. Mallika does mujra disguised as a consort in front of Mohini after which once she is finished along with her mujra pleads her to spare her son and go back his kids. Mohini warns her to be in her limits.

Siya cries in the front of Dadimaa. Dadimaa asks purpose. Ram says that Siya thinks she did not defend her own family members. Dadimaa says they’re all alive because of Siya, so she have to no longer sense guilty. Mohini takes Siya to her secret room again and shows her 4th puzzle. Siya solves first a part of puzzle as mangalsutra after which next element as honeyweb in which mangalsutra is hidden. Mohini says there may be a honeyweb on Behramgarh’s each wall, how will they distinguish.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Siya reaches honeyweb and thinks mangalsutra is hidden in it for sure, however how will she get it out.


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