Manmohini 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Siya reads 4th puzzle’s closing element and solves it to honeycomb. Mohini says Behramgarh’s every wall has honeycomb. Siya says she knows this net as she has seen it at the same time as traveling with Ram. Mohini takes her to jungle where biggest honeycomb is and they see mangalsutra hidden in it. Siya asks how will she get it. Durga Dayi enters disguised as honeybee and stinging Mohini asks if she enjoyed. Mohini yells and asks Siya not to fall in yakshini Durga’s trap and burn honeycomb to get mangalsutra. Siya says she will not burn it as honeybees may also die or get homeless. Durga dayii asks if she will be able to go back with out taking mangalsutra. Siya says never.

Mallika in palace keeps her toes in heat water and yells that Mohini made her dance and broke her lower back, her lower back is aching like hell.

Dadimaa brings natural tonic for her and asks to have it. Mallika yells that because of Siya’s mistake, her son is struggling. Dadimaa says she is attempting to store Ram or even will get again Vivian’s young people. In jungle, Siya drapes her dupatta over her body and walking closer to honeycomb tries to get mangalsutra form it. Honeybeeds chew her. Mohini says sautan has long past mad. Durga Dayi says Siya is smart. Siya receives mangalsutra from honeycomb. Mohini rejoices. Durga Dayii warns Siya now not to fall in Mohini’s trap as she is trying to get rani Rajeshwari’s elements for her evil intentions. Mohini asks now not to believe her and disappears with Siya.

Siya reaches palace and seeing Ram getting similarly properly emotionally hugs him. Mohini feels jealous after which tells Mallika that she will pass and end Yakshini Durga Dayii before she spoils her recreation. Dadimmaa gets a dream of Ram hugging chudail Mohini and thanking her for saving him. In dwelling room, Siya tries to feed soup to Ram. Ram resists. Siya says she will put together rasgulla for him. He says she is his rasgulla and twists her chins. She shyingly shouts no.. Dadimaa rushes them concerned and requests Siya now not to help Mohini from hereon as she is making plans something more evil. Mohini emerges and pulls Dadimaa’s hair pushes her away. Dadimaa falls down. Siya rushes to Dadimaa and angrily slaps Mohini shouting how dare she is to push Dadimaa. Mohini warns him to dare no longer to the touch her again. Siya continues slapping her and says she can’t harm Mohini, but if she harms herself, Mohini will feel pain greater than her. She starts offevolved hitting herself and Mohini feels pain. Dadimaa and Ram pleads now not to damage herself.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Siya cuts her had to damage Mohini and keeps beating herself.


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