Manmohini 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini sits below cover wondering how Siya cut her hand and punished Mohini. Mallika reaches there and beginning her drama says Siya did very incorrect to her and she or he is busy romancing with Ram, so if she returns Vivian’s adolescents and healing procedures him, they each can teach Siya a lesson and reduce her into piece. Mohini angrily looks at her. Mallika pleads she will do some thing to get lower back Vivian’s teenagers. Mohini offers her knife and asks to reduce her hand. Mallika panics and resists. vintage Vivian reaches there and says he is prepared and cutting his hand drops his blood on her palm insists Mallika also to cut her hand. Mallika resists. Vivian forcefully cuts her hand and drops her blood on Mohini’s palm. Mohini asks if they’re prepared to sell their souls to her. Vivian says yes. Mohini returns his children. Mallika rejoices considering that.

Mohini returns to palace and shows next puzzle to Siya. Siya solves 1st component, but not able to resolve second one. They return lower back to palace. Siya describes puzzle to Ram and Daadi. Mallika enters doing her drama and overacting and introduces Vivian. everyone are amused seeing Vivian back to ordinary self. Vivian touches daadi’s feet and says he become missing them all. Ram apologizes Vivian for suffering due to him. Vivian says it’s far ok, let us neglect past and flow on. Siya also apologizes. Vivian says they are his circle of relatives and he can do some thing for them. Siya asks how did Mohini spare him. Mallika together with her overacting says chudailji felt pity and cured Vivian, what’s a large deal in this. Siya says Mohini will now not spare absolutely everyone so effortlessly, she is up to to something.

Mohini asks Siya to forget about this drama and give attention to solving next puzzle. Dadimaa says this night is holika dahan ritual in Bahramgarh and Siya has to carry out pooja.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Behramgarh woman offers hearth torch to Siya and asks to carry out holika dahan. Siya asks Daadi to accompany her. girl says Daadi can’t carry out holika dahan..


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