Manmohini 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mohini feels extreme cerebral pain and closes entryway thinking whatever Siya attempts, she won’t go out. Siya keeps doing tandav move and powers Mohini to creep to them. She at that point falls oblivious. Mohini snickers that Siya fizzled and couldn’t bear straightforward inconvenience, presently she will pass on soon.

Dayimaa argues Siya to get up. Bloom from Shivling falls on Siya. Siya gets up and asks Mohini where is Ram. Mohini says she won’t get Rana saa in her life. Siya slaps her. Mohini attempts to slap her back, yet falls flat.

Siya slaps Mohini over and over and asks where is Ram. Mohini tumbles down seeping from her mouth. Siya likewise feels torment as she is Mohini’s nazar battu and falls oblivious. Mohini flaunts that Siya will never get Rana saa back.

Dayimaa hurries to Devimaa’s sanctuary and argues Devimaa to spare her girl and Ranaa and she can’t see them kick the bucket, devimaa should end Mohini’s evilness. She returns back to royal residence briskly to ensure Siya and sees Siya holding trishul on Mohini. Mohini tumbles down apprehensive.

Siya cautions Mohini enough of her torment and dramatization.

Precap: Siya hurries to Ram and sees him oblivious, Mohini thinks today around evening time is red moon night and she will get Rana saa from Siya until the end of time.


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