Manmohini 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ram with Siya shoots Ram named arrow on Mohini and Mohini shouts in pain. Siya tells Ram this turned into the right way to seize Mohini. Durga Dayii reaches there and praises Siya that only she may want to manage Mohini. Mohini writhes in pain and shouts at Siya that she tricked and capture her, but she will not spare all of them. they all three pull Mohini, and a coffin emerges from ground. Durga dayi opens it and seeing Rajeshwari’s lifeless frame cries that she could not fulfill her promise to shield her. Raj jyotishji joins them and all of them 4 drag Mohini into coffin and closes it. Mohini shouts to loose her, she can not go with out her Rana saa. Ram says he changed into always Siya and will continually be her. Raj jyotishji keeps Om join up coffin. An historical ebook emerges. Rajjyotishya picks it and sees it empty. Ram and Siya reads it and says there is whole Behrampur history written in it. Durga Dayii says their love is pure, which will read it.

Vivian watches hiding and thinks he tried so much to get that ebook and wealth in Behramgarh, however couldn’t. Mallika joins him and in her regular overacting yells Chudail bothered them a lot. Vivian determines to get e book and find hidden wealth via it. Ram says they need to smash Mohini with this coffin. Raj jyotishji says they can not kill Mohini and may just bury her with this coffin. Siya says they ought to carry out Rajeshwari’s final rights tomorrow.

Ram and Siya spend fine time together. Ram pampers Siya calling her rasagulla, and many others.. and gets romantic. He says he is alive because of Siya. Siya says she can sacrifice her life for him and don’t recognize what is going to occur subsequent, however she can keep assisting her. Lamps blow off. Their romance keeps…

Precap: Siya reads in e book that chudail may be extra effective after Raj Rajeshwari’s remaining rights and might kill everybody. She runs to palace and sees Mohini status.


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