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The removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has completed one year. There is also a picture of what has changed in Jammu and Kashmir in these 365 days. The tricolor of the country was hoisted in an atmosphere of fearlessness at Lal Chowk in Anantnag, which had once become a stronghold of terror and separatism. These pictures of BJP worker Ramyasa Rafiq are becoming very viral on social media. Ramyasa reached Lal Chowk on Wednesday morning with a tricolor in her hand and kept waving the tricolor here for a long time.

On 5 August last year, the Central Government had cut off the roots of Alagavism by neutralizing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. At Lal Chowk in Anantnag, the separatists often used to provoke people by stoning them. But in the last one year, these incidents have decreased dramatically. The business of all the big separatists has been destroyed. Security forces have also attacked terrorism and many big terrorists were killed this year.

According to an officer associated with the security force, a major change is being felt in large part of the valley that the local people do not oppose action on terrorism. Like Burhan Wani, the trend of making terrorists a hero has reduced. Earlier, there were incidents of stone throwing on seeing a police car. Apart from the claims of the police administration, the local people also believe that these incidents have reduced.

A former Google engineer was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for being found guilty of stealing intelligence before he joined Uber’s efforts to build a robotic vehicle. Sentenced to Criminal charges were leveled against Lewandowski last August. He later confessed his crime.

Lewandowski was also fined more than $ 8,50,000. He played a key role in starting Google’s self-driving car project before he started working at Uber.

Lewandowski began working at the Otto company in 2016, which Uber later bought. Before leaving Google, Lewandowski plagiarized intellectual property by downloading information related to Google’s auto-driving car technology.

The bodies of 8 of the nearly 30 missing people were found in a boat accident in Saharsa and Khagaria districts of Bihar. At the same time, more than 20 are still missing. The bodies of a total of 11 people have been recovered so far. SDRF teams are engaged in search operation. A team of senior officials is on the scene.

It is worth mentioning that on Tuesday evening, due to the strong storm, the boat filled with passengers in the Gandak river of Kosi and Khagaria in Saharsa overturned. Three, including a child, were drowned in the accident. Whose bodies were recovered in the search operation till late evening, while more than 30 had gone missing. Whose search is going on

Two of the four bodies were found in Saharsa, as the accident took place on Tuesday evening after a strong thunderstorm struck the Sahuri village of Alani Panchayat inside the East Kosi embankment of Salkhua block in Saharsa district. Four out of 14 people aboard the boat went missing, of which the bodies of 2 were found in a search operation on Wednesday. Two are still reported missing in the incident. Whose search is going on The body of a child Prem Kumar (3) was recovered by late evening yesterday. People aboard said that there were a total of 14 people on the boat. Sanjeet Chaudhary (22 years), Rajni Devi (20 years), Shobha Kumari (12 years) and Mansukh (two months) went missing. Amar Chaudhary, who was aboard the boat, said that everyone from Sahuri rode on a boat and went to the Chiraiya dealer for rice and wheat. The boat was overturned due to strong thunderstorms and rains on the way to Bagulawatol after proceeding from Chiraiya while returning.  

More than 25 missing in Khagadia, 8 bodies recovered so far ; Nearly 30 people went missing in a strong typhoon in the Gandak River Diara area in Khagaria on Tuesday evening. Out of which 6 bodies including four women and two children were recovered on Wednesday and the SDRF team was engaged in a search operation. DM Alok Ranjan Ghosh and other officials are camping. At the same time, the bodies of two people were recovered yesterday. Five people managed to save their lives by swimming in the accident. Most of the victims of the accident are reported to be from Sonvarsha village in Sadar block. 


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