Manmohini 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram Gets Rana Bhanupratap’s Vajra/Weapon

Manmohini 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mallika pleads Mohini to spare her and her son. Mohini factors her in the direction of Vivian. Mallika exams him and says he is an eighty-12 months-vintage grandfather and now not her 26-yr-old young and handsome son. Mohini says she snatched his youngsters. Mallika cries keeping Vivian. Mohini says he will die slowly writhing in ache.

Mallika pleads to spare her son as he’s trapped by way of Siya, she can do anything Mohini says. Mohini orders to kill Siya then. On the opposite facet, Ram attempts to extract shivling from its location. Sadhu stops him and warning how dare he’s to destroy shivling orders other sadhus to capture him and punish. Ram says Nandi’s face will usually point toward shivling, however, it’s far on the contrary side, that means shivling is reestablished wrongly. Sadhu says even he had equal questions from years and god sent

Rana Bhanupratap’s reincarnation to reestablish shivling at the right area. Ram lifts shivling and walks, but stops unable to bear weight. Sadhu says he cannot prevent, else shivling will ruin forever and offers an example. Ram gets up once more chanting Har Har Mahadev and establishes Shivling at its right vicinity. He then looks at shivling through Nandi’s horns and prays Shivji to just accept his prayers.

Mohini pleads Mallika no longer to obey Mohini. Mallika says she is helpless and has to store her bunny, Vivian. Mohini throws the sword in the direction of her.

Ram holds lamps in his hands and prays Shivji. Water fountain emerges on the contrary course and vajra/weapon emerges out of it. Ram choices it. Sadhu says this ought to be same vajra which Rana Bhanupratap left for him. Ram says he will go away now as Siya need him. Mallika injures Siya. Mohini orders to kill Siya if she desires her son back. Mallika walks closer to Siya saying she hates her, however, does now not want to kill her, she is helpless. Mallika provokes her again to kill Siya. Siya escapes and retaining defend pushes Mallika away. Mohini provokes Mallika once more torturing Vivian. Mallika overpowers Siya and throws her defend away.

Dayimaa on the alternative side watching them asks Siya to boost sword for Dharma as Arjun did. Siya lifts the sword and bearing Mallika’s attacks pleads her to prevent. Mallika tortures Vivan again and orders Mallika to kill Siya soon. Siya asks her no longer to listen to Mohini, she will save Vivian. She overpowers Mallika and throwing her sword away confronts Mohini to combat with her in place of misusing a mother’s helplessness. Mallika stabs her from in the back of. Her blood falls down.

Precap Upcoming Manmohini episode update: Ram holds Mallika’s sword and throwing it away hugs Siya. Mohini gets disheartened seeing vajra in Vivian’s hand.


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